Cavs regular season wrap up/Playoff prediction.

The 2018 regular season has finally came to an end. The Cleveland Cavaliers finished their season at (50-32) and are the 4th seed in the Eastern Conference.

To say the least the Cavs had one hell of a roller coaster ride.

A full season played since Kyrie Irving demanded a trade after the 2017 season and Cleveland quickly granted him that request when they traded him to the Boston Celtics for Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Ante Zizic along with Brooklyn’s first round draft pick in the upcoming draft.

Most know how this story goes, things just didn’t work out. The Cavs added Derrick Rose and Dwyane Wade as well through the process this offseason. On paper, the Cavs arguably looked better as a roster. Soon to find out the chemistry wasn’t there. And it couldn’t be found!

Isaiah Thomas was nursing an injury until January. The hopes were high for his return, unfortunately things just didn’t work out. And Isaiah’s play was not good. Because of his size he’s was a huge liability on defense and his inability to score as well as his attitude towards his teammates soon proved his injury was much more serious than the Cavs expected.

After finishing last season 5th in MVP voting and averaging 29 PPG, Thomas averaged just 14 points, 2 rebounds and 4 assists while shooting 40%.

The Cavs ended up making blockbuster moves at the trade deadline sending out Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Iman Shumpert, Derrick Rose, Channing Frye and Dwyane Wade and receiving George Hill, Rodney Hood, Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance in the process.

Long story short, here we are, the regular season is over. The Cavs finally look to be healthy, and for the first time since LeBron’s return, in some people’s opinions the Cavs are not the favorite to represent the Eastern Conference in the 2018 NBA Finals.

We’ve seen the Cavs coast through the regular season dating back to just last season. Once again they proved in the playoffs they were just too much for any teams in the East to handle. Why? Because of LeBron James.

However this season, things will be much different. Defensively this Cavaliers team has been absolutely atrocious. I don’t think just by a flip of a switch that this team will be elite defensively. I do however believe they will be much more improved as a team in the playoffs.

It’s the LeBron James effect. You’re talking about arguably the greatest basketball player to ever live. He will get the most out of his guys in the playoffs.

The Cavaliers will represent the Eastern Conference come June in the NBA Finals. It won’t be the cake walk though we’ve seen in past years, but don’t bet against LeBron James.

The 76ers were the surprise of the NBA this season, and I believe they’re the biggest threat to the Cavs in the playoffs. The Cavs will be in the Eastern Conference Finals. If Philadelphia happens to be there to try and stop their fourth trip to the finals, it’ll be a very tough series, however I expect the Cavs to eliminate Philadelphia in six games if not less. I hate to talk about youth when it comes to a good team, but it will be a huge factor.

The Cavs will be facing the Houston Rockets in June. The Cavs lost twice this season to Houston and were absolutely dismantled on there home court by 32 points earlier in the year.

The Rockets have been undoubtedly the best team in the NBA this season. But the Cavaliers have the best player in the world. The Cavs will beat the Houston Rockets in six games and raise the trophy once again.

It’s something a Cleveland fan can only understand, it has felt so wrong all season. The Cavs proved in 2016 that if they’re going to win a championship, it’s when absolutely nobody expects it!


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