Cleveland Browns Midseason 2 Round Mock Draft

Round 1:

Pick One:

The Cleveland Browns select RB Saquon Barkley out of Penn State.

DeShone Kizer’s progression has been fairly impressive, given the talent he is surrounded with.

Isaiah Crowell has been extremely disappointing in the run game this season and the Browns need a weapon running the ball.

Saquon Barkley has rushed for 899 yards on 166 attempts for a (5.2) YPC average along with 11 touchdowns.

Barkley has also racked up 40 receptions for 517 yards and three touchdowns.

Barkley is the safest pick for Cleveland at the first overall pick.

Round 1:

Pick 8:

The Cleveland Browns select Calvin Ridley, wide receiver from Alabama.

Cleveland lacks offensive playmakers at the WR position.

Ridley looks like the best all around receiver in the upcoming draft, which makes perfect sense for the Browns to draft him here.

Calvin Ridley on the year has 49 receptions for 755 yards and two touchdowns.

He brings 4.4 speed to the table with size.

6’1 (190)

Alabama clearly has the most pro ready offense and Ridley has continued to shine.

A receiving unit of Corey Coleman, Josh Gordon and Calvin Ridley.

The Browns will be able to move the ball efficiently and put points on the board.

Round 2:

Pick 34:

The Cleveland Browns selected Mitch Hyatt OT from Clemson.

It’s clear that Joe Thomas won’t be around forever, so why not take the 6’5 295 pound LT who’s been a starter since he was a true freshman?

This pick makes perfect sense for the Browns.

Mitch can immediately come in and fight for a starting spot at RT if they think he can make the transition to the other side, or he has the best LT in football giving him his knowledge.

Not only is this a win for the Browns, it’s always a win for Mitch Hyatt.

Round 2:

Pick 38:

The Cleveland Browns select WR Christian Kirk from Texas A&M.

It’s essential the Browns provide playmakers at the wide receiver position for whomever is playing quarterback.

Christian Kirk is a flat out playmaker.

Many of you may ask me why is he still around in the second round?

He has 46 receptions for 545 yards and 6 touchdowns.

With his 5’11 frame, with Courtland Sutton and Cavin Ridley being the two most talked about receivers in college football, I believe Kirk will be in for a long day one of the draft.

Which will land him in a perfect home making plays for the Browns along side Josh Gordon, Calvin Ridley and Corey Coleman.

And for the surprise!


The Cleveland Browns trade their 2018 second round pick from Philadelphia, a third round pick in this years draft along with a fourth in 2019 to acquire Alex Smith from the Kansas City Chiefs.

Alex Smith is the perfect veteran for DeShone Kizer to sit behind for a few years, and Alex Smith still has a lot of football left in the tank.

Currently Alex has thrown for 2,444 yards with 18 touchdowns and only 1 interception.

WIth a completion rate rating of 69.6%

Earlier in the year Chiefs GM had stated Mahomes wasn’t even close to where Alex Smith is.

Andy Reid has talked a lot about Mahomes and how much progression he’s made week in and week out learning behind Smith.

The Chiefs always have high hopes going into the playoffs, but can never seem to win the big ones.

If that is once again the case this season.

Don’t be surprised to see the Chiefs look towards the future and build with Pat Mahomes.



  1. Wasn’t Barkley a no show against Ohio State and the team they played after Ohio state? 1st quarter he had like 7yd avg, but rest of game ended up with 2 something. Crowely has a 5 or near 5 yd avg


    • yea barkley is not impressive to me. Buckeyes shut him down and a few other games as well. I would rather have j.k. dobbins honestly. we need gordon and coleman and get another 2 wr’s. Build up out offensive line a little. Would like to see peppers running the ball. Wont be long till we will be contenders. Im saying 2019 2020 well be a top team. Go Browns


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