Corey Coleman officially activated

The Browns have been lacking a playmaker for DeShone Kizer to lean on during the season but help is on the way starting this Sunday.

Wide receiver Corey Coleman was officially activated off injured reserve on Thursday afternoon and will play this Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

To make room for Coleman, the team waived wide receiver Kasen Williams who appeared in seven games and had nine catches for 84 yards.

Coleman suffered a broken hand during Week 2 against Baltimore when his hand was in an unfortunate spot when a Ravens defender drilled it with his helmet.

It was the second broken hand he’s suffered in as many seasons since being drafted 15th overall in the 2016 NFL Draft.

Kizer and Coleman looked like they had a strong chemistry based on the preseason and of course the Week 1 performance against Pittsburgh when Coleman recorded 5 catches for 53 yards and a touchdown in the Browns 21-18 loss.

Coleman has a lot to prove coming back from this injury. The Browns have been lacking a serious playmaker on offense with his absence.

Yes, Duke Johnson and David Njoku have shown flashes but not enough consistency to give Kizer someone to trust completely while Coleman obviously did as Kizer threw it to him 13 times in the first two weeks prior to the injury.

There’s also the “bust” designation that some within the media have already given Coleman just 13 games into his NFL career. I know there’s the injuries he’s had which has caused him to miss 13 games through the first two seasons. Coleman does need to prove that he can stay healthy and durable for an extended period of time.

But there’s no doubt Coleman can play in the NFL. Last year he showed that when he was on the field. The Baltimore game in 2016 when he had 5 catches for 104 yards and two touchdowns is a prime example.

He’s able to stretch the field and give the Browns a deep threat on offense but he also needs to prove he can make short yardage plays and with a catch percentage of only 45.3% so far in his NFL career, that needs to improve especially when they’re giving him 6 to 12 targets a game.

With Coleman coming back this Sunday and then just three weeks out from the return of Josh Gordon, DeShone Kizer will have enough weapons surrounding him to show what his potential could be and to give the current or future front office and coaching staff that he can be the long term quarterback in Cleveland.





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