Tashaun Gipson’s comments weren’t wrong

Another day, another former Cleveland Brown criticizing the organization.

Jaguars safety Tashaun Gipson joined ESPN Radio on Monday as he’s preparing to face his former team for the first time since leaving Cleveland twenty months ago in free agency and had some interesting comments.

“People say their next chance to win a football game is probably against the Jaguars, which probably ain’t going to happen. They’re probably going to finish 0-16. So you look at things like that, man, it’s just a blessing to be able to get out of that situation and come to a situation like this where you know what winning feels like.”

When talking about the team made no effort to sign him in free agency:

“When the whole situation went down with me, it was frustrating,” he said. “Obviously, you get comfortable. …You look at it and you say, ‘I don’t know what they were thinking.’ I’m extremely excited with where I’m at right now, but  it’s definitely going to be personal man, for sure. It’s personal and it’s going to be exciting.”

He also bashed the organization for letting other players such as Alex Mack, Mitchell Schwartz, Travis Benjamin walk in free agency who went on to play at a high level for other organizations and that they’re happy including Joe Haden who was playing good in Pittsburgh before breaking his fibula.

“He said ‘Man, I’m so happy. When you talk to (guys) that left that organization — the first thing they say is they’re happy. I talked to Schwartz last year and the first thing he said was, ‘Man, I’m happy.’ It says a lot.”

“These are good guys. These aren’t rotten apples in organizations. If these guys are happy and these guys are thriving in their new environment, it says a lot about what’s going on internally inside that building.”

But through all of that, he did mention that he has no hate towards the fans of the Cleveland Browns.

“Coming from the situation in which I came, the way that I made it to Cleveland, the opportunity that I was granted and just the path that I paved for myself, I’ll forever be in debt to the city of Cleveland. They helped me get to my first Pro Bowl, besides the God-given ability to go out there and make plays. The fans, they supported me, they loved me, they brought me in.”

I don’t blame Gipson for any comments he made during that interview. He has the right to feel frustrated at the organization that showed no interest in keeping him when it sounds like he wanted to stay in Cleveland and he’s not the first guy to express his feelings that way.

A lot of players have come in and wanted to be apart of the team that got the Browns back on track and then get disrespected when it comes to getting the money they deserve for playing their hearts out and performing at a high level.

Meanwhile, the Browns have no free safeties on the roster when they’ve let two go in back to back offseasons: Gipson and Jordan Poyer who’s playing well for the Buffalo Bills.

The current front office started off on the wrong foot when they took over and while they’ve added talent haven’t added enough en route to a 1-24 start and what looks like will lead to their departures at the end of the season.

Not offering Gipson a contract during free agency, messing around with the Schwartz negotiations and failure to bring in play makers while Benjamin and Taylor Gabriel who they cut at the end of training camp last season are producing in Los Angeles and Atlanta respectively is a joke.

Now granted, it wouldn’t have got to that situation had the past regime actually made an effort to re-sign guys but it’s still a strike against this current regime.

I think those moves were why Jimmy Haslam made it clear through the media that the team needed to start retaining talent led to the front office signing Jamie Collins, Christian Kirksey and Joel Bitonio to long term contracts this past offseason.

That’s how you build a football team. You draft well and then you keep the talented players and build around them to create a successful environment.

Maybe a regime will understand that some day in Cleveland so we can actually see a winning football team.




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