Browns Draft History: #181 pick

Leading up to the NFL Draft, I’ll be looking at past Browns draft picks based on what picks they currently hold in the 2017 Draft.

Today we’ll look at the 181st pick, which the Browns have held four times previously.

1955-HB Bob Smith, Nebraska 

The Browns selected Smith in the fifteenth round in 1955. He played twelve games over two seasons with Cleveland before going to Philadelphia where he played two games before being out of football.

He was a member of the 1955 NFL championship team with the Browns.

Career stats

16 games played

48 carries

160 rushing yards

1 touchdown

2 catches for 12 yards

15 return attempts for 339 yards

1956-DE Willie Davis, Grambling State

Davis spent two seasons with the Browns before heading to Green Bay where he made his mark as a dominant pass rusher.

Playing in the era where tackles and sacks weren’t gathered as a statistic, Davis got after the quarterback a lot. If they were counted for, people have said Davis had over 100 sacks during his career he would’ve had 40 within a three year stretch.

He won two Super Bowls with the Packers and three more NFL championships. He was a five time first team All-Pro and a member of the 1960s All-Decade Team. In 1981, he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

1961-Jack Wilson, Duke

Never played in an NFL game

1965-HB Henry Pickett, Baylor

Never played in an NFL game

2006-DT Babatunde Oshinowo, Stanford

He only played in two games in his two seasons in the NFL, one with the Browns in 2006 and one with the Chicago Bears in 2007. 

He recorded two tackles with the Browns, the only tackles in his NFL career.


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