Gareon Conley accused of sexual assault 

Just a mere two days from the 2017 NFL Draft, a projected first round pick and former Ohio State Buckeye is under criminal investigation.

On Monday evening, Cleveland 19 News reporter Dan DeRoos and investigative reporter Carl Monday reported that a projected first round pick was being investigated by Cleveland police for an alleged sexual assault that took place a few weeks ago.

TMZ reported on Tuesday that the accused was former Buckeye cornerback Gareon Conley, a Massillon native. 

Here is what was reported to police by the victim via Monday 

The 23-year-old female says she was out with some friends and walked back to the Westin Hotel. While riding in the hotel elevator, she met player who has still not been charged. The woman then decided to go back to his room instead of with her friends. When she arrived at the room, there was another male in a bathroom with a female. The football player asked the victim if she wanted to have a foursome with the couple in the bathroom. She told the player she would only watch the couple, and not participate. The player reportedly spun the victim around and had sexual intercourse with her from behind, and then kicked her out of the room when he was done.
Police arrived to the hotel and found the two males in the room who were with the player but the player himself was gone.

The investigation is still ongoing and according to reports, Conley will speak with the police department following the NFL Draft.

With just two days from the draft, there may not be enough time for teams to collect information on this situation. Conley is currently projected to be drafted in the top 20.

I could see Conley sliding down the board now and may not be drafted at all until the investigation is closed. 

It’s reminiscent of offensive lineman La’El Collins in the 2015 draft. A few days prior his ex-girlfriend was murdered in Louisiana. While he wasn’t a suspect, police wanted him to come in for questioning. 

Collins was a projected top ten pick and he began to slide down the board. He eventually went undrafted and was later signed by the Dallas Cowboys. 

Teams will want to know everything about the situation before making a commitment to Conley although he hasn’t been charged with a crime. 

It would be a huge risk to spend a top draft choice on an alleged rapist and if he gets charged, it would be a huge hit to any franchise.  


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