Bruce Arians should be a candidate for the Browns job


If you noticed before and during the Browns vs Chiefs broadcast on Sunday, you may have noticed that Bruce Arians seemed to be stating his case to be potentially the future head coach of the Browns.

Arians spoke with the Canton Repository after the game on Sunday and he gave them a very interesting quote that could leave Browns fans intrigued.

“Cleveland is the only job I would consider.”

The 66-year-old former head coach retired from the sidelines after five seasons with the Arizona Cardinals and a 50-32-1 record including the playoffs. Arians cited family as the reason behind his retirement but he told ESPN that “the door is slightly cracked” in terms of a potential comeback.

Arians is no stranger to Cleveland as he was the offensive coordinator under Butch Davis from 2001 to 2003 and has always held high praise for Tim Couch, who was Arians’ quarterback during his time with the Browns.

After a successful stint as the Colts offensive coordinator/interim head coach in the 2012 season, Arians interviewed with the Browns for their head coaching vacancy but Arians wound up with Arizona while the Browns hired Rob Chudzinski.

If Arians wants to come back to coach, Cleveland should give him a strong consideration to be the next head coach.

Arians has been one of the best offensive coaches over the last 20 years in the National Football League and has also been around some of the best quarterbacks in the league during that time span.

He was Peyton Manning’s quarterback coach in his first three seasons from 1998 to 2001.

He got the best out of Tim Couch’s short career during his time in Cleveland.

He helped Ben Roethlisberger reach another level and ran the Steelers offense to a Super Bowl victory.

He was Andrew Luck’s offensive coordinator/interim head coach during his rookie season that launched the Colts from 2-14 to 11-5 in one season.

He resurrected Carson Palmer’s career in Arizona.

His track record with quarterbacks has been great and if he can get his hands on Baker Mayfield, I think he can help mold him into the quarterback that John Dorsey and the organization were hoping for when they selected him with the first overall selection.

Not only is his offensive work been great, his leadership has been infectious whether it was in Indianapolis or in Arizona as a head coach.

When Chuck Pagano was diagnosed with leukemia in 2012, Arians stepped up and the team continued chugging along as their leader was fighting cancer.

And when he went to Arizona, Dwight Freeney talked to about how Arians had a swagger with his coaching and how it carried down to the players:

“It’s really a trickle-down effect,” Arians said. “[The players] have to know that coach has a bit of swagger, so we are going to have some.” Added Cardinals outside linebacker Dwight Freeney: “It’s part of his identity, and it’s part of him. It tells a little bit more of who he is. [He’s a] confident guy who has a little swag to him, and that’s how he coaches.”

Freeney knew there was something special about Arians as soon as he walked into his first team meeting after signing with that franchise in October. He didn’t see offensive players hanging out solely with other players on their side of the ball. Nor did he find defensive guys keeping to themselves. He found a room filled with close-knit teammates who only cared about how they could win. That was his first introduction to how effectively Arians can build a culture.

The Browns need that kind of leader and that kind of coach who can change the culture in an organization. It’s been one of the big things lacking since the team’s return in 1999.

If Arians is serious about wanting to coach the Browns, you would hope that Dorsey would reach out and see where his mindset really is at and if it is serious, you would have to give Arians a serious consideration for head coach.

On anyone’s list of candidates, Arians is an absolute must because of the following

A) Established head coach with a proven track record

B) History of success working and molding quarterbacks

C) Leader of men and ability to change and establish a winning culture

All three are what the Cleveland Browns need and Bruce Arians should be a candidate for the job……if he truly wants it.





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