Akron Zips keys to victory

Akron takes on Morgan State at InfoCision Stadium on Saturday, one week after the season opener was canceled due to weather conditions in Nebraska.

We’ll get our first look at quarterback Kato Nelson.

The sophomore quarterback is coming off an impressive season last year.

Nelson stepped in for injured quarterback Thomas Woodson last season and threw for 989 yards and eight touchdowns and two interceptions. Nelson also added 198 yards on the ground with one touchdown.

It is important the Zips get their young QB comfortable quick against this Morgan State defense. Last season the Bears were almost giving up 400 yards per game, and had a record of 1-10. The Zips must establish an offense quickly to put points on the board. Their is no better way of doing just that, by getting your quarterback comfortable early.

Defensively the Zips come into this game trying to improve off of last season. Akron gave up well over 400 yards of offense per game last season. Akron must come out and force turnovers.

They’ll be trying to disrupt MSU’s starting quarterback DeAndre Harris early on in this ball game. Harris stands at 6’4 and weighs in at 215 pounds. Harris struggles with accuracy, he’ll try to get things going on the ground to move the Bears offense down the field, it’s up to the Zips defensive line to cause ruckus and disrupt that from happening.

The secondary for the Zips have to be aware. Harris isn’t a big time thrower, but if he sees a chance he’ll take it. On his career he has thrown just three touchdowns along with four interceptions. If the Zips can force Harris to throw the football, their is a good chance Akron may cause a few turnovers.


Akron has enough playmakers to win this game. Above I stated Kato Nelson was a key to victory. I believe the young quarterback will move this Zips offense with ease and score points all afternoon against the defense of Morgan State.

Defensively I stated the Zips as a whole must cause turnovers to rattle DeAndre Harris early on in this game, I believe the Zips will start quickly by stopping the run forcing Harris to make bad judgments throwing the football, leading to a few turnovers. This leads me to my prediction!

Akron: 49

Morgan State: 7

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