Don’t overthink the pick.


The 2018 NFL draft is right around the corner. Rumors are swarming and as a Browns fan, I’m sure the anxiety is high. Which is completely understandable when hearing Josh Allen is in play to be taken first overall.

Why? That’s the only question I can think of. In no shape or form can you take away the raw ability Josh Allen brings to the position. Allen stands 6’5 and weighs in at almost 240 pounds. Perfect size for the AFC North, not to mention he has the best arm I’ve ever personally seen. But he’s a huge question mark, and should no way be considered at the first pick.

I’m not a guy who often goes right off of the numbers, with that being said Josh Allen’s completion rating was 56.3% last season at Wyoming. Enough of the his teammates didn’t do enough to help him. In my film study it’s quite clear Allen very rarely makes the right football play, he often uses his arm strength to go deep instead of hitting the wide open HB out of the backfield. Just watch the Oregon tape!

The Browns just moved on from QB DeShone Kizer after one season. Tremendous talent and raw ability who just didn’t have the accuracy the organization was looking for. Not to mention his decision making. Kizer’s accuracy didn’t improve throughout the season, because it’s a trait that just isn’t fixable. You either have it, or you do not. Sorry Allen fans, the kid just doesn’t have it. The Browns don’t have the time to make a huge risky pick at the one slot to take a shot on Josh Allen. Which brings me to this kid.

Sam Darnold.

Darnold had an exceptional career for the Trojans. In his two years there, Darnold threw for 7,229 yards, 57 touchdowns and 22 interceptions, along with a 65% completion rating. Pretty impressive for a 20 year old kid.

There are flaws however, many are worried about his throwing style. Which he has already been going through progressions on making changes to it. He had a drop off in his second season with USC. Darnold turns the football over, a lot.  Which is fixable with time, and Hue Jackson has already made it very clear that Tyrod Taylor is the starting QB, and Drew Stanton is the backup.

Accuracy isn’t the issue with Darnold, his flaws are very fixable with time being mentored. Drew Stanton is the perfect guy to fill that role. As he mentored two key names in Andrew Luck and Matthew Stafford.

Darnold is being rated the best prospect in years, ahead of guys like Carson Wentz, Andrew Luck, Jared Goff and Deshaun Watson. The pick is easy for Cleveland. Draft Sam Darnold. The safest pick to get the franchise quarterback Cleveland has desperately been searching for, for the past 20 years.






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