Mortensen: Darnold or Allen for Browns


We’re 30 days away from the NFL Draft and the looming question is which quarterback will the Cleveland Browns select with the first overall selection?

Chris Mortensen, the senior NFL reporter for ESPN provided some clarity towards that selection on Tuesday morning during NFL Live from the owner’s meetings:

It’s no surprise that Darnold is in the discussion and all signs have been pointing to him being the pick for the Browns. His strong performance at his pro day last week essentially clinched it for him.

Josh Allen is an interesting prospect during this year’s draft process. He’s got the elite physical tools at 6’5, the strong arm which he can rip the ball 70 yards down the field and also has some athleticism which allows him to extend plays with his legs.

However, there’s the flawed mechanics, accuracy and poor instincts and nagging shoulder issues which media experts and people who have studied his film have left some uneasy about his pro potential.

Allen also had a strong performance in his pro day workout and there’s a good chance he’ll be selected in the top 5 by the Jets or Broncos if Cleveland doesn’t take him at #1.

There definitely is some credence to this report and Mortensen is one of the top reporters in football so when he does report these types of things, it’s credible and you have to believe it.

NFL reporter Benjamin Allbright also backed up what Mortensen reported

At the end of the day, unless the Browns are blown away with a trade offer to move down from the first pick, Sam Darnold will be the top choice come late April. .Allen did help himself with strong performances at the Senior Bowl and the Scouting Combine but I don’t see how he is a better prospect than Darnold now or long term in the NFL.

Allbright has been reporting since January that he was told Darnold is the top choice for the Browns. On Tuesday, Allbright also mentioned that Cleveland still could trade away the top pick which could be saying that they aren’t in love with either prospect or they have them graded close enough that they feel confident either one could be there with the fourth pick.

I think that’s a real gamble but I also think the trade down rumor could be just a smokescreen as the Jets have already been confirmed to make an attempt to move up to #1 from #6 before the Jets swapped picks with the Colts.

We’re a month away from the draft and it looks as if the rumors are starting to heat up.






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