The Browns should not pursue Odell Beckham


Social media was buzzing all day Monday with the reports surfacing that Giants superstar receiver Odell Beckham Jr. will not touch the football field until he receives a new contract which came after news that the Giants management said no one, not even Beckham was “untouchable” in trade talks.

Then came the tweets from newly acquired Browns receiver Jarvis Landry, who was a teammate of Beckham’s in college at LSU.

The Cleveland Browns make sense as a potential destination for Beckham because they have the draft capital the Giants would want in return for him as well as the cap space to give him the contract he desires (Browns currently have around $70.6 million in cap space).

However, I will say that I don’t see the Giants dealing him nor should the Browns try to acquire him.

I will say that Odell Beckham is one of the most talented receivers to play in the NFL over the last 20 years and pairing him up with Josh Gordon and Jarvis Landry would be a nightmare for opposing secondaries, there is some serious reservations with the receiver.

His contract demands that have been rumored through the media are outrageous. The rumored annual salary is $20 million per year. Regardless of the Browns amount of cap space, that’s a big number for a non quarterback in this league.

The highest paid receiver in the league on average is Antonio Brown of the Pittsburgh Steelers at $17 million. Beckham is a great receiver but he doesn’t deserve more money than Brown who is the best receiver in football.

The Browns already are paying nearly $16 million for Jarvis Landry’s 2018 salary and are negotiating a long term contract that will pay him a significant amount of money per year.

Not to mention the fact that if Josh Gordon stays on the right path, it’ll be time to discuss a long term deal with him at some point next offseason. Cleveland is in a great spot financially to set this team up to win for a few years if they can land these top draft picks in the NFL Draft next month. Spending a lot of money on wide receivers regardless of their talent isn’t a recipe for success.

Since I brought up the draft picks, that’s the next red flag for me in acquiring Beckham. The Giants reportedly want a first round pick in a potential trade. Just so happens that Cleveland has two first round picks with the first and fourth overall selections.

If Houston’s pick was in the late teens or twenties, I think it would be a fair trade to bring in a superstar player like Beckham but there’s no way Cleveland should be even thinking about giving up either #1 or #4 in a trade for Beckham unless #2 is coming back in the deal along with him. That’s a fire able offense as far as I’m concerned.

The final red flag for me is the potential baggage that comes with Beckham. While he doesn’t have a criminal history, there has been some troubling situations involving him especially this offseason.

There was a video that surfaced on social media that showed Beckham holding what appeared to be a cigarette or cigar but there was also a woman with a card and what looked like lines of a white substance, presumably cocaine.

There was also another video that surfaced last week of a man that looked like Beckham involved in a bar fight.

If these things are going on with Beckham, it’s not a good look and I’m sure it’s not going unnoticed in the Giants organization as well as the NFL higher ups.

The Browns already have to deal with the fact that Josh Gordon is one strike away from an indefinite suspension for his multiple violations of the substance abuse policy. They also have to deal with Corey Coleman’s immature behavior as he slipped up last season with violations of team rules as well as the impending assault lawsuit that’s filed against him.

I know people want Odell Beckham because he’s a talented receiver but we should know from the history of Josh Gordon that sometimes the talent isn’t worth the headache.




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