Cavs beat up Boston in the Garden 121-99

This afternoon was the first time the newly acquired Cavaliers seen action and they didn’t disappoint.

George Hill, Rodney Hood, Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance Jr all played very well in there first game as Cavaliers.

George Hill got the start at point guard and had an impressive game. Hill finished with 12/3/1 in 21 minutes and played very well defensively.

Rodney Hood came off the bench and showed his ability to shoot. Hood finished with 15/3 in 19 minutes of action.

Jordan Clarkson also came off the bench at point guard, Clarkson played phenomenal going for 17/3/1 on 7/11 from the field.

Lastly, Larry Nance Jr also played very well off the bench and finished the game with 5/4/3. He brought tons of energy and even showed why he’ll be in the dunk contest next weekend.

LeBron James played like he always does, he finished the game with 24/8/10. LeBron also didn’t play in the fourth quarter due to the lead that they already had. LeBron looked to be having the most fun he has had since Cleveland won Game 7 of the NBA Finals in 2016.

No Kevin Love wasn’t an issue for this Cavalier team today, and when they do get him back into the lineup it could be very scary for teams in the East.

Very impressive win today to completely dismantle the team to beat in the East with a completely new team. Not to mention it was there first time playing together and they are missing their second scoring option in Kevin Love.

The story is does this team have what it take to gets back to the Finals?

And could they compete with Houston or Golden if they get there?

I think it’s safe to say if they continue to play this well together and adding Kevin Love into the equation this Cavalier team is again the team to beat in the East.


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