Cavs snap four game losing streak.

The Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Orlando Magic Thursday night 104-103. In the least impressive way possible.

Cleveland blew a 20 point lead once again and it almost came back to haunt them, Isaiah Thomas made the two go ahead free throws with 11 seconds left.

IT finished with 21 points, 3 rebounds and 4 assists.

Derrick Rose made his way back into the lineup after missing the last 32 games and looked solid. Rose finished with 9 points, 3 rebounds and 1 assist.

The story of the night was LeBron James chasing 30,000 points, he did not get it in the Q tonight.

LeBron had one of his worst games of the year, multiple turnovers and bad shots all night. He finished with 16 points, 5 rebounds and 6 assists. LeBron was 3/8 from the free throw line as well.

The Cavs still show they want nothing to do with playing defense for four quarters. At the half they led 67-47, and led at one point by 23 points. That lead quickly vanished in the third quarter.

Defense is effort, this Cavs team so far shows no effort and it shows night in and night out, comfortable leads turn into horrible basketball played on both ends.

It’s time to point the finger at the guy in charge of it all, Tyronn Lue.

Something needs to change if this team even wants to be playing basketball come June. Catch my drift? It’s time for Lue to go.

Yes, he has an NBA championship. He took over for David Blatt, which was still a horrible decision to let him go in my opinion, and it’s showing now.

Lue has absolutely nothing to do with the Cavs coming back from a 3-1 deficit against GS in the 2016 NBA Finals. That series was won by the players and LeBron James leading them to victory.

Since the Finals win, the Cavs have played mediocre basketball all year, including the playoffs. Something has changed this year though, Kyrie Irving is now on the Boston Celtics. Brad Stevens is one hell of a coach, and mark my words if Lue continues to coach this team they’ll be sent home in the ECF by Boston.

Their is zero reason the Cavs should be 3-8 in the last 11 games, yes some of it should be on the players’ shoulders but it’s clear he’s not getting the most effort out of this team.

It’s time for change, and it’s starts with Tyronn Lue.


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