What’s next after 0-12 start?

The Browns fell to 0-12 after a 19-10 loss against the LA Chargers. Fans and the staff were excited about the return of WR Josh Gordon, it was his first game back in three years and he didn’t disappoint.

Josh racked up 4 catches on 11 targets for 85 yards. QB DeShone Kizer overthrew him twice which both would of been most likely deep ball touchdowns, Kizer also under threw him once down the field.

It’s clear Josh Gordon hasn’t lost a step. Coming off a three year lay off, while he battled a serious drug addiction he was very good yesterday. He’s a freak of nature to say the least, the organization is in good hands with him at the receiver position for years to come, that is if he can continue his sobriety.

What’s next for QB DeShone Kizer? For just turning 21, given the team he has been surrounded with, Kizer has done all that he can do. But has he really been improving?

Kizer’s decision making has stood out to me as his biggest steps forward, he’s no longer forcing throws into tight area’s, if he makes a tight throw, he believes he can get it there. Most of the time he does. Kizer has shown frustration deep in games resulting in lots of turnovers including a fumble in the red zone, along with an interception in the final five minutes of the game. The awareness from this kid just doesn’t look promising and his accuracy was a concern coming out of Notre Dame, thus far I’ve seen no improvement.

DeShone has thrown for 2,038 yards this season, including six touchdown passes, and FIFTEEN interceptions.

Red zone passing for Kizer is even worse going 9 of 32 with five interceptions. I cut him some slack because Hue Jackson can’t call plays, but at the same time those throws are on the kid too. He’s got to get better fast, and I think he knows it.

The Cleveland Browns are no longer in the being patient business, they need a quarterback and they need one now. I fully expect the Browns to take a quarterback with the first overall pick in the NFL Draft. That is if they retain the pick which looks promising especially if there’s a regime change.

For the coaching staff, Hue Jackson is nothing less than pitiful.

He is now 1-27 as head coach of the Cleveland Browns, and that is absolutely unacceptable and mind blowing, the worst start by a head coach in NFL history. Clevelanders like myself always feel some kind of optimism about this football team. Last year we said it couldn’t get any worse, well it did and the fans are giving up if they haven’t already.

Hue has shown numerous times that he can’t manage clock situations, he ran the ball for example yesterday on the worst run defense in the league 17 times with running backs yet he’s throwing his rookie quarterback 32 times against a tough pass defense. It was clear in the Chargers game, Hue Jackson’s whole gameplan revolved around getting Josh Gordon the ball. The guy made sure the whole league knew about it as well in his press conference earlier in the week. 1-27 is no longer a rebuild. It’s a disastrous regime.

Change needs to happen from top to bottom. Let’s hope Haslam gets that.



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