Jeff Fisher to the Browns?

Another week, another rumor about a former coach trying to get back into the NFL.

CBS NFL writer Jason La Canfora wrote Sunday morning about how former Titans/Rams head coach Jeff Fisher is “eager” for another opportunity to be a head coach again.

Fisher was dismissed by the Los Angeles Rams almost a year ago after going 1-8 following a 3-1 start last season. Now the Rams are 8-3 are on the verge of their first winning season in 14 years.

La Canfora mentioned in his report that 10 or more teams could be making coaching changes and that Fisher could get some consideration and he mentioned one team specifically.

The Cleveland Browns.

A team like the Browns, who have struggled to attract top candidates and who may have difficulty competing for hot coaching candidates could be an option, some have suggested. Owner Jimmy Haslam has never had an established head coach since he took over the franchise, and the Browns are expected to prize coaching experience this offseason as the winless team tries to reposition for the future.

Now I will say this, I take what La Canfora says with a grain of salt. He seems to have an agenda with Cleveland even though he constantly denies that due to the way the organization treated his friend, former Browns general manager Michael Lombardi.

While I agree that Fisher is looking to get back into coaching because he would likely want to end his coaching career on a better note than how things ended in Los Angeles, I don’t agree that Cleveland could or should be an option.

Fisher is a middle of the road football coach with his coaching record just eight games over .500 and tied for the most losses by a head coach in NFL history.

He did have some success in Tennessee during the 2000s with six playoff appearances and a Super Bowl appearance with quarterback Steve McNair.

He also helped pull the Rams somewhat out of a rut that they were stuck in from 2005-2011 but only managed 7 wins at best in three of his five seasons.

There’s also the belief and I think it’s a fact that he doesn’t allow his quarterback to maximize his abilities. The perfect example was last year in Los Angeles with Case Keenum and first overall pick Jared Goff.

Keenum and Goff combined to go 4-9 under Fisher and neither one gave Rams fans any hope they were headed in the right direction at the quarterback position.

This season, Goff has improved drastically under new Rams head coach Sean McVay while Keenum went to Minnesota and is 7-2 as a starter with the Vikings heading to the postseason barring an epic collapse.

He’s always had a solid defense wherever he’s been which is probably because he’s a protégé of Buddy Ryan who is famous for those dominant Bears defenses of the 1980s.

His offenses however with the exception of a couple seasons in Tennessee have been average to below average. That doesn’t cut it in today’s NFL.

If Jimmy Haslam wants to find an experienced head coach to help the young nucleus grow in Clevland, I would look at any other potential options before even considering Jeff Fisher.







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