This Browns regime can’t end soon enough

The NFL Trade Deadline has come and gone with the Cleveland Browns not making any moves to try and upgrade this roster.

Browns fans and media members once again became irate Monday night when the New England Patriots traded quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo to the San Francisco 49ers for a second round pick.

Earlier this year during the offseason, Garoppolo was the top quarterback potentially available and the Browns reportedly made offers to try and acquire him but the Patriots did not budge because he was allegedly the heir apparent to Tom Brady.

Now he’s in San Francisco and the 49ers have their potential franchise quarterback while the Browns continue to show why they’re the worst franchise in professional sports.

From ownership to the front office to coaching, no progress has been made as the team has gone 1-23 in this current regime and 2-33 in the last 35 games while letting quarterbacks go to other teams and making those teams relevant.

The Browns reportedly were close to acquiring Bengals quarterback AJ McCarron but the deal couldn’t be finalized in time. Looks like Sashi Brown studied Hue Jackson’s clock management.

Seems like the organization isn’t set with Kizer being the quarterback of the franchise.

It’s not even just the quarterback position, they’ve failed to add playmakers on offense when it’s an offensive league. Buffalo added wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin and Philadelphia added running back Jay Ajayi at the deadline to make a playoff push.

I know the Browns aren’t making a playoff push but it would be nice to make an effort to get some legit, proven talent on offense to show you’re trying to make progress as a football team.

Yes, they’ve added some talent on defense and have some players on offense like Duke Johnson and David Njoku to be part of the foundation for the future but it’s not enough to show progress.

Obviously, there’s dysfunction between the coaching staff and the front office and some reporters made it very apparent over the last 24 hours.

NFL Network’s Mike Silver made a series of tweets Monday night after the Garoppolo trade was finalized that Browns head coach Hue Jackson wanted Jared Goff and Garoppolo out of all the quarterbacks they could’ve potentially acquired over the last two seasons.

He also said yes Jackson could take the heat for Robert Griffin III being here but that Jackson doesn’t have the final decision which we know Sashi Brown makes the final decision on the roster.

Now people can say the Browns couldn’t have acquired Goff but I don’t agree with that, the Titans could’ve swapped spots with the Browns and also traded down to stockpile picks like they did in the 2016 NFL Draft.

I believe the front office was always going to trade down to stockpile picks whether Goff or Carson Wentz would have been there with the second pick which the team originally owned.

Denver reporter Benjamin Allbright reported that the coaches were working into Monday night when the Garoppolo trade broke while the front office went home at 5 pm and Brown found out about the trade when the coaching staff called irate about them not trying to trade for Garoppolo.

Allbright joined 92.3 The Fan in Cleveland Tuesday afternoon and he was told by coaches that they feel they’re going to be fired at the end of the season and want it to get out that they feel the front office isn’t doing a great job and not trying to make the Browns better.

I would agree with that statement and believe that the front office is addicted to draft picks and freeing up cap space and think they’re going to get five years to rebuild this franchise.

They must have forgot that Jimmy Haslam is the owner and has fired three head coaches, three team presidents and three general managers since he’s become owner in 2012.

I’d love to know what he’s thinking right now because he has to know that the product on the field isn’t great, there’s fighting and disagreements in the front office and the fan base is angry at the situation and some fans are giving up on this franchise.

The changes to the Browns can’t come fast enough even though we’ll have to wait two more months for it to happen.



  1. Looks like somebody or everybody is trying to get fired. I’m beginning to wish the whole franchise would leave the area. The fan base in this area is strong enough and loyal enough to support a team. I’m just sick and tired of this bs, there’s no excuse.


  2. I’m a “HARD” core Browns fan! Let me rephrase that. I’m thinking I’m done spending the money and the time on a hopeless cause! After the last 36 to 48 hrs it’s been proved. I’m through! This is Sashi Brown’s fault! His arrogance and refusal to work with the coaching staff is inexcusable! His incompetence has finally done him in. He is the problem! He needs to go now, today, yesterday! I will not follow another regime change, period!!


  3. Look we need old Cleveland we lost we got rid of a good coach and let a quarterback be a criminal I have an idea get a new owner trade sign and realest bad rookies.


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