Browns need to trade for T.Y. Hilton


One of the glaring holes on the Browns roster is an offensive playmaker.

The team hasn’t had a guy that scares opposing defenses since Josh Gordon during the 2013 season.

Adam Schefter of reported Sunday that the team is trying to make a trade prior to Tuesday’s deadline to add an offensive playmaker whether that’s in the running game or a wide receiver.

Also on Sunday, Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio reported that the Indianapolis Colts are open to moving wide receiver T.Y. Hilton if the price is right.

Hilton is only 27 years old and has been a dominant playmaker in the Colts offense since they drafted him in the fourth round of the 2012 NFL Draft. This season however, it’s apparent that he’s missing Andrew Luck as his quarterback as his numbers are decreased with Jacoby Brissett as the guy throwing to him.

Through 8 games, he has 29 catches for 527 yards and a touchdown. Last season, he had 91 catches for a league leading 1,448 yards and six touchdowns and was selected to his third straight Pro Bowl.

The Browns should know very well how much he means to an offense as Hilton torched them with seven catches for 153 yards and a touchdown in the Colts 31-28 win in Week 3.

The Orange is Oranger podcast co-host Jeremy Powell reported Sunday night that the Browns were in discussions with Indianapolis about a potential deal

I know people will say, “what the hell does a guy on twitter know?”. Trust me when I say this, Jeremy knows things about the Browns and has a track record of reporting news to back it up.

Hilton has three years left on his contract so it’s not like the Browns are getting a potential rental like they did at the time last year when they acquired linebacker Jamie Collins. They brought him in and convinced him to stay and be one of the defensive leaders, it also helped having the cap space to give him a four year, $50 million dollar contract.

As it comes to the Colts asking price of Houston’s second round pick. If that’s what it truly is then I don’t see how the deal isn’t done already. The Browns have thirteen draft picks in the 2018 Draft and I don’t see them bringing in another large group of rookies to already the youngest roster in the NFL.

They need to add some serious, proven talent to this offense to accommodate whoever the quarterback is going to be whether it’s DeShone Kizer or anyone they may add this offseason in free agency or the draft.

Since the league has become a passing attack league, the Browns have failed to execute adding talent at the two positions this pass happy league benefits: quarterbacks and wide receiver.

Dating back to the Julio Jones trade in the 2011 NFL Draft, the Browns have only been correct one time in adding a wide receiver and that was when they used a second round pick on Josh Gordon in the supplemental draft but even that backfired due to Gordon’s off the field concerns.

Hilton is there for the potential taking, would add a serious weapon on offense and open things up for the other receivers on the roster and would put them in the proper roles as #2 and #3 receivers instead of having to be a #1 wide receiver.



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