Kevin Hogan gives the Browns the best chance to win 

It wouldn’t be a Browns season without a quarterback controversy.

Another difficult decision comes for head coach Hue Jackson this week as he has to decide to start Kevin Hogan or ride the storm out with rookie DeShone Kizer. 

It seems like a no brainer based on Sunday’s performance against the New York Jets as Kizer continued to regress while Hogan stepped in and put the team in a situation to win. Based on Jackson’s comments from Monday’s press conference, I am of the belief that the team is going with Hogan under center this week against the Houston Texans. 

It’s sad that the Browns are once again in this situation regarding the quarterback position. Not to say Kizer is a failure already but that the team forced him out there when there was no other options at the end of training camp to come in quickly and give Kizer time to sit and learn because it’s obvious he’s not ready to be an NFL quarterback. 

People can say we should’ve kept Osweiler or started Kessler but the way they looked in camp and in preseason left Hue Jackson no other choice but to play Kizer.

He showed promise in the opener against Pittsburgh but has struggled since with four straight games below 50% with two touchdowns and eight interceptions. Maybe having him sit and watching Hogan for awhile will do the rookie some good and help him.

I was of the belief that the skill players around Kizer but that’s where I get to Hogan.

The offense looked a lot smoother with Hogan at the helm as they drove down the field for two touchdowns and he threw the ball accurately completing 84.2% of his passes in the second half. 

His lone turnover came under pressure, Hogan got the ball to Ricardo Louis but it was tipped and led to an interception which the Jets capitalized on with a touchdown drive. 

However, Hogan seems to have good chemistry with the receivers and gets the ball to them quicker. Pro Football Focus said that Hogan took 2.55 seconds on average to throw while Kizer took 3.05 seconds. 

In his limited action this season, he’s getting the ball to the tight ends effectively, something Kizer struggled with. Two of his touchdowns passes have been to rookie David Njoku. 

He also seems to get the ball to Ricardo Louis with the exception of that interception as the two connected for three completions for 43 yards. 

It’s crazy to me that Hogan came into training camp as the fourth option in the quarterback room and now five weeks into the season, he’s giving the Browns the best option at the position.

That’s on Hue Jackson and the front office though. They’ve messed around with the NFL’s most important position since they’ve taken over the organization. 

With things not looking promising anytime soon, can we really trust this regime potentially drafting a quarterback in next year’s draft with their recent blunders?

Passing on options like Carson Wentz and this week’s opponent Houston quarterback Deshaun Watson to stockpile draft picks which I’ll admit I liked at the time looks awful now.

Even thinking Cody Kessler was a better option in the draft over Dak Prescott who’s leading the Cowboys to success. 

Hopefully this nightmare ends soon. 


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