Peyton Manning to Browns front office?

Unfortunately he can’t come to play quarterback but having Peyton Manning in the Browns organization may soon become a reality.

Fox NFL Insider Jay Glazer reported Sunday during Fox’s pregame show that the future Hall of Fame quarterback could soon be joining an NFL front office in some capacity and there’s a list of potential suitors.

The Tennessee Titans, Los Angeles Rams and the Cleveland Browns were named as the three teams that could look to hire Manning. 

Looking at those potential teams, the Titans and Rams don’t make any sense as both teams are making progress as franchises with new head coaches and front office personnel in place and franchise quarterbacks that ascending to potential elite status in the NFL.

The Browns however make total sense. 

They’re a struggling franchise with a meddling owner and their plan isn’t looking the greatest at this point with Sashi Brown and Hue Jackson compiling a 1-20 record since coming together in January of 2016 and starting out this season 0-5 currently.

We all know Jimmy Haslam has stated that this is a multi-year rebuild and that 2018 is the target year for the team to seriously compete with 13 draft picks and over $100 million dollars in cap space to add to the foundation Brown and Jackson have laid with this team. 

However, if the team continues to struggle and looking at the schedule, it may be difficult to find a win the rest of the season, would Haslam continue with this regime with a potential record of 1-31? I wouldn’t think so.

Haslam has made constant changes to the franchise since taking over in October of 2012. 

Hiring former Eagles president Joe Banner and former Browns/Raiders front office executive Michael Lombardi to man the front office and hired head coach Rob Chudzinski, that group lasted one year.

Promoting assistant general manager Ray Farmer to general manager and forcing a “shotgun marriage” with then new head coach Mike Pettine, that lasted 22 months.

Promoting head counsel Sashi Brown to Executive Vice President of Football Operations and hired former baseball executive Paul DePodesta as Chief Strategy Officer when neither had football operations experience to pair up with Hue Jackson.

All bizarre situations and none have had success as Haslam’s record as owner is 20-65.

His relationship with Manning is well documented through their ties with the Univeristy of Tennessee. Manning has long been rumored to the Browns in some role since Haslam became owner of the franchise. 

Manning retired from football following the 2015 season in which he led the Broncos to a Super Bowl victory. Many have wondered what he would do post-football because he could do a number of things in sports or business.

The Browns need someone to come in and be the team’s president that can reside over all the operations both business and football and that someone Haslam can personally trust to get things right for the organization.

Manning fits that mold perfectly. He’s well respected within the NFL ranks and has been successful outside the football world with his ventures such as Nationwide and Papa John’s Pizza.

There’s no doubt Manning could put the right people in place to make this franchise successful because his football knowledge is outstanding and for being in the league for 18 seasons, I’m sure he’s got a long list of colleagues that he can call on to be potential front office executives and coaches. 

Also wih the quarterback position, Manning’s outstanding knowledge can help us find that franchise quarterback we’ve been longing for whether it’s still potentially DeShone Kizer or someone else. 

I’m not saying Manning is the answer because I thought Mike Holmgren was that when we hired him as team president and we all know how that ended up.

I look at John Elway who had no experience as a front office executive before Denver hired him and the franchise has had tremendous success since he’s taken over and cleaned up the mess Josh McDaniels made prior to Elway’s arrival.

I do think it’s worth taking the shot because Haslam isn’t afraid to take chances to try to make this franchise successful and he isn’t afraid to spend money to take those chances as well. It also helps when you have a relationship with Manning too. 


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