Browns trade DeMario Davis for Calvin Pryor

In a surprising trade during the offseason, the Cleveland Browns shipped linebacker DeMario Davis to the New York Jets for former first round pick and free safety Calvin Pryor. 

Davis started his NFL career with the Jets when they drafted him in 2012. He spent four seasons there before not electing to resign him last offseason.

He signed a two year deal with Cleveland in March of 2016. Last year he played in all 16 games and produced with 99 tackles, two sacks and a forced fumble.

Calvin Pryor didn’t live up to the Jets expectations of him when they drafted him 18th overall in the 2014 Draft.

In three seasons, Pryor only has two interceptions and the Jets put him on the trade block during this year’s draft after declining his fifth year option. He has been durable though missing only four games in three seasons. 

Here’s his scouting report from 2014 from Nolan Nawrocki

Carries a swagger and plays with confidence. Runs the alley and throws his weight around. Physical, lights-out hitter (see second defensive snap of UCF game). Made a highlight-reel, one-handed INT in the same game. Instinctive and aggressive. Defensive tempo-setter. Good pre-snap recognition — makes adjustments. Can leverage the field off the hash and cover ground. Good zone recognition. Rangy enough to play center field.


Plays with too much reckless abandon and lacks discipline playing the cutback. Takes some bad angles and can be outflanked to the perimeter. Average production on the ball. Is not asked to play a lot of man coverage. Average leaping ability.

Draft Projection

Round 1 (top 15)

Bottom Line

Perhaps the most explosive hitter in this year’s crop of safeties, Pryor is a big, physical hammer in the run game, bringing the ability to intimidate and erase. Factor in his instincts and range and Pryor has the ability to start as a rookie.

It’s a low risk/high reward trade on the Browns end. 

They needed a free safety and are willing to take a chance on Pryor and see if a change of scenery will spark his career. 

I don’t believe he’ll be handed the starting position and he’ll compete with Ed Reynolds and Tyvis Powell for the job. 

It won’t cost them anything financially, as they saved $2.1 million dollars in this deal by trading Davis. 

If Pryor has a good season, then sign him to a multi-year deal. If it doesn’t work out, then they let him walk in free agency. 


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