2017 NBA Finals predictions

The 2017 NBA Finals will get started tonight with Game 1 of the series. Dubbed “The Trilogy”, the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors are facing off for the third consecutive year in the NBA Finals, the first time the same teams have met in three consecutive Finals. 

I went to social media to get friends and people’s predictions on the series and here’s the results I got despite a small number of people responding.

Who will win the NBA Finals?

Cavs (11)

Warriors (2)

In how many games?

Cavs in 4 (2)

Cavs in 5 (1)

Cavs in 6 (5) 

Cavs in 7 (3)

Warriors in 6 (1)

Warriors in 7 (1)

Finals MVP

Lebron James (7)

Kyrie Irving (4)

Steph Curry (1)

Kevin Durant (1)

Why each team will win the series?

Keenan B. (Picked the Cavs): One Word: Lebron 

Ricky C. (Picked the Warriors): I just think the Warriors will give us too much to handle plus I think the Cavs will get no calls their way.

Nikki K. (Picked the Cavs): Lebron! He’s Super Human! 
My prediction

Cavs in 6. Kyrie Irving Finals MVP 

It’s been 53 years since a Cleveland professional sports team clinched a world championship at home. I think it happens this year. Lebron James and Kyrie Irving have been playing on another level and I think combined they’re too much for the Warriors.

Granted the Warriors are the best defensive team in the league but I think the disrespect the league and the media has given Cleveland, making them the heavy underdogs will light a major fire under Kyrie, Lebron and the rest of the team. 


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