Browns moving up from 33 for a QB? 

Another day, another rumor.

Yesterday, the rumor was the Browns have considered running back Leonard Fournette with the number one overall pick.

Today we got another draft rumor.

He also noted that the Browns like North Carolina QB Mitchell Trubisky and Cal QB Davis Webb. Also mentioned about possibly trading for Bengals quarterback AJ McCarron but that looks unlikely. 

Now this rumor is the one I’m actually buying into. I could strongly see a scenario where the Browns look to move up from 33 to secure the quarterback they want. They have eight picks between the first two rounds of the next two drafts (three 1st round picks, five 2nd round picks), so they have the ammo to maneuver in the draft to target a specific player they covet.

I know people will say, “Well why not just take the QB you want with the first overall or 12th pick and not risk the chance of losing him.” I’ll explain why.

The top of the draft is heavy with defensive talent and there’s plenty of questions about the quarterbacks in this draft. The Browns need to take the best players on the board with those first two picks. Texas A&M defensive end Myles Garrett will be the first overall pick barring any last minute trade or off the field issues. With the 12th pick, there could still be a top cornerback like Gareon Conley from Ohio State or maybe defensive lineman Jonathan Allen from Alabama could slide down with his shoulder issues.

As for the quarterbacks, by the time we get to 12, I’m expecting Trubisky as well as Clemson’s Deshaun Watson to be off the board with one going to the New York Jets (6th overall pick) and another potentially to the Buffalo Bills (10th overall pick). That would leave Notre Dame’s DeShon Kizer and Cal’s Davis Webb for the Browns to potentially move up to draft.

Watson and Trubisky could potentially both fall into the Browns laps at 12, and they could select whomever they covet more. It’s not a guarantee that they go top ten. Watson has decision making issues and it showed with his 30 interceptions in his last two seasons. Trubisky only has 13 career starts which has scouts and analysts wondering if he’s as good as advertised last season.

It’s interesting that Forbes reported the Browns aren’t interested in Texas Tech’s Patrick Mahomes. That could be a smokescreen to leave teams thinking they aren’t interested. However, Mahomes is a long term project and would be best suited to go to a team like the Arizona Cardinals (13th overall pick) where he can sit behind a veteran like Carson Palmer and develop for a couple seasons until he’s ready to take over.

I know these are just rumors and nothing could end up happening, but it’s fun to speculate and discuss leading up to the NFL Draft.


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