Leonard Fournette at #1? 

We’re 17 days away from the 2017 NFL draft and right now it’s silly season with rumors swirling about what teams may or may not do with their draft picks.

For the Cleveland Browns, there hasn’t been many rumors involving the first overall pick which they currently own.

That was until today….

CBS NFL Insider Jason LaCanfora wrote an article Monday morning about why LSU running back Leonard Fournette will be a top five pick and he threw in an interesting tidbit involving the Browns:

Some have suggested to me that Fournette is even in play at No. 1 with the Browns. Yes, you read that correctly. I don’t see that happening, and in the end, I suspect the Browns take pass rusher Myles Garrett. But then again, the Browns are capable of some extreme curve balls in that front office and their version of analytics tends to swing outside of convention. Maybe someone believes the devaluation of running backs has gone too far.

When I read this, I thought there was no way the Browns would do this. I mean they’ve done some crazy things in the past, including the draft but there’s no way justifying a running back as the top pick in the draft in today’s NFL. 

Not to mention this is a deep running back draft class. Outside of Fournette, you have Florida State’s Dalvin Cook, Stanford’s Christian McCaffery, Tennessee’s Alvin Kimura, Oklahoma’s Joe Mixom and Texas’ D’Onta Freeman who are all projected to go within the first two rounds.

I also thought when this was reported that maybe the Browns are considering trading down again and the Fournette talk is a smokescreen to get a team that wants him to give up a “king’s ransom” in order to select the running back.

Teams that have been rumored to be interested in Fournette include the San Francisco 49ers (2nd overall pick), the Jacksonville Jaguars (4th overall pick) and the Carolina Panthers (8th overall pick). 

I hope the Browns aren’t considering moving down unless they feel projected top pick and Texas A&M defensive end Myles Garrett isn’t as good as what’s being hyped.

Browns fan Jeremy Powell aka “JeremyInAkron” threw this theory out on Twitter

If that’s the case, maybe the Browns would look to moving down from 1, grabbing another defensive playmaker in the top ten like Jamal Adams or Malik Hooker to upgrade the secondary. Then with the 12th pick, draft Derek Barnett and pick up extra picks in the process to pursue whomever they want at QB.

Or maybe this is just all rumors and everyone is just bored as there’s nothing to really report right now as we’re a little more than two weeks out. 

I just hope the Browns make the right decision for once.


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