Browns fall to the Bills 33-13


Seventeen losses in a row.

The Cleveland Browns fell again on Sunday, losing 33-13 to the Buffalo Bills. The Bills improved to 7-7 while the Browns continue their franchise record losing streak and are knocking on the door of football purgatory. 

Only three teams have reached the record of 0-14: the 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the 2008 Detroit Lions and now the 2016 Cleveland Browns.

I know some people still haven’t seen enough of quarterback Robert Griffin III but I certainly have. He has shown no progress as an NFL quarterback under Hue Jackson and he doesn’t deserve to be on this team anymore. He finished 17/28 for 196 yards passing and ran for 48 yards and the Browns lone touchdown for the second week in a row. 

Once again, the Browns went away from the run game after they got things rolling on the ground. They moved down the field early in the first quarter and then turned to Griffin which led to the team settling for a field goal. Quickly they went down 17-3 and outside of RG3’s scrambling, no sign of Isaiah Crowell and Duke Johnson.

LeSean McCoy torched the Browns defense and led the way for Buffalo offensively. The Bills rushed for 280 yards (153 from McCoy) and averaged 7 yards per carry. Quarterback Tyrod Taylor had 174 yards passing and a touchdown and added 49 yards on the ground. Backup running back Mike Gillislee rushed for 37 yards and a touchdown.

The local media will have another field day discussing wide receiver Terrelle Pryor’s “tantrums” but let me tell you something. I don’t see anyone else on that team showing as much passion and heart as Pryor does. That guy wants to win so bad and wants to make plays to help this team win

Now I understand there was some balls he should’ve caught today and of course that’s on him. Robert Griffin III hasn’t been able to get him the ball since his return from injury. Pryor is arguably the best offensive player we got and should have the ball in his hands a lot because it’ll give the team a better chance to win. 

But if the media wants to keep blaming Pryor and saying he’s the problem on the team, they I don’t want to hear a single person who covers the team complain if the front office potentially lets Pryor leave in free agency.

I feel so bad for Hue Jackson. I don’t think he ever expected things to be this bad when he accepted the job in January. But he agreed to let the front office tear this roster down and I’m sure he’s had a helping hand in the process. I’m only hoping he sticks through with the plan and doesn’t quit on this organization.

The Los Angeles Rams head coaching position is open and there sits quarterback Jared Goff who was Hue’s guy in the 2016 draft. I just wonder if there’s interest on the Rams end in Jackson if he’d resign and head towards the west coast. 

However, there’s still two games left and two more chances to get a win. Next week is the San Diego Chargers on Christmas Eve. I know if I was a player on the Chargers, I wouldn’t want to be traveling across the country to play a game on Christmas Eve. It’ll likely be the last chance to win for the Browns because I can’t fathom them beating the Steelers on New Year’s Day.


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