Should the Browns hire Bernie Kosar?

  The hot topic in Cleveland sports the last 24 hours is whether or not the Browns should consider hiring former Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar in some capacity. Kosar made a plead on “Tailgate 19”, a Browns pregame show on the local CBS station saying he wanted to fix the mess and that he’d fire himself if he couldn’t get the job done. Kosar was a consultant for the team back in 2009 but has never had a bigger role. He was rumored to be in line for the assistant general manager role when the Browns came back in 1999 but that never happened. Kosar told ESPN Cleveland he suggested to then owner Al Lerner and CEO Carmen Policy to hire Bill Belichick as head coach only to have Lerner and Policy laugh and ridicule Kosar which may have led to Kosar’s departure.

I do think Kosar deserves a role in the franchise. Not saying he should be the president of football operations or general manager but he can make a contribution to help this franchise get on the right track. He has a great football mind and knows talent. Kosar breaks down plays on “Tailgate 19” and does it precisely like he’s the one who drew it up. Leading up to the 2014 draft, Kosar had high praise for quarterback Teddy Bridgewater watching him since his high school days in Florida. Also said the Browns should’ve drafted Jimmy Graham, well before anyone knew he was going to be one of the elite tight ends in football.

 Whether it’s as a quarterback coach, a scout or even the head of football operations, Kosar belongs in some capacity in the Browns organization. I know some people are concerned with Kosar’s health. Kosar has been dealing with the effects of his concussion history, leading to his slurred speech which has improved the last couple years. And some can say Kosar doesn’t have the experience to be the head of football operations. Neither did John Elway when he was hired to run the Denver Broncos and he’s become one of the best executives in football. The Browns are at a pretty low point and I don’t think taking a chance on Kosar could make the franchise any worse.


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