Cavs Lose Coin Flip, Slotted 5th in NBA Draft Lottery

The NBA Draft Lottery odds are now officially set and the coin flip gods weren’t in the Cleveland Cavaliers favor this time around.

Cleveland and Oklahoma City tied for the fourth-worst record in the league and a coin flip was held on Tuesday to determine who would be slotted fourth in terms of odds for the upcoming draft lottery which will be held on June 22.

The bright side is that both teams still have the same odds to land in the top four (45.1%) however Cleveland can now fall as low as 9th in the lottery while Oklahoma City can fall as low as 8th although the odds of either falling that low are very slim.

Photo courtesy of Tankathon

The last time Cleveland was involved in a coin flip for a lottery pick was in 2012 when they were tied with the New Orleans Pelicans for the third-worst record in the league. Cleveland won the coin flip giving them one more number combination than New Orleans. New Orleans won the draft lottery and subsequently the rights to draft Anthony Davis while the Cleveland picked fourth and drafted Dion Waiters.

Now the basketball world will have to wait 28 days until the fate and future of the top prospects in the 2021 NBA Draft will be decided and Cleveland will be hopeful that the lottery odds will swing their way for the first time since 2014.


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