Report: Ohio State Will Not Play Outside of Big Ten

Despite many rumors or hopes that Ohio State would carry on despite the Big Ten’s decision to postpone the fall schedule, the Buckeyes will not be playing this fall and are focusing on the spring.

Gene Smith told NBC4 in Columbus that “it’s not realistic” when speaking following the conference’s decision on Tuesday afternoon.

“We’ve been a member of the Big Ten for a long time We share the same values as our member institutions,” said Smith. “We’re in the Big Ten. We’re not looking to play someone else outside our conference. We have a contract that we’re obligated to with our television partners.”

Rumors suggested in the last few days that Ohio State along with other Big Ten members such as Michigan, Penn State, and Nebraska could join another conference such as the Big 12, who is still debating whether or not they’ll be playing this fall but Bruce Feldman of the Athletic shut down those suggestions on Monday afternoon.

Ohio State has been a member of the Big Ten Conference since 1912 and has won 38 conference titles since joining the conference, the second most behind Michigan who has 42.

While the Buckeyes have said they won’t be playing this fall, the University of Nebraska remains adamant they are still exploring the option. Nebraska joined the Big Ten in 2011 but was a longtime member of the Big 12 before departing for the Big Ten.

Penn State’s athletic director Sandy Barbour supported the decision of the conference but head football coach James Franklin told ESPN on Tuesday morning that they would explore other options to play.


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