Indians to acquire Josh Donaldson


Many were wondering if the Indians could pull off one more to deal to upgrade the roster prior to Friday’s waiver-trade deadline.

Well never doubt Chris Antonetti and the front office.

The Indians have reportedly acquired third baseman Josh Donaldson from the Toronto Blue Jays according to multiple reports. It’s unclear as of now what the Indians are giving up in return.

The former American League MVP has been plagued with injuries for most of the season but just recently began a rehab assignment that included a home run on Thursday night for Toronto’s Single A affiliate.

Prior to this season, Josh Donaldson was one of the best players in all of baseball

If his rehab process continues on the right track and he can get back to what he was the last three seasons, this could be a major acquisition for the Indians as they attempt another run to break their World Series drought.

That’s the most important thing at this point is to make sure Donaldson is right for the postseason. The Indians have the division locked up and while he needs to be with the major league team to build some chemistry and comradery with his new teammates, his health should be the main focus of the organization.

When Donaldson joins the Indians, there will be a shift in the infield because he is strictly a third baseman which that position has been occupied by Jose Ramirez all season.

More than likely Ramirez will move to second base and that will leave Jason Kipnis likely heading to the outfield, much like he did at the end of the season and the postseason.

That would make the Indians lineup look like this:

You also have to give credit to the Dolans once again for opening up their checkbook once again to make another run at a championship.

Last August, they approved the move to acquire Jay Bruce from the Mets and they had to take on salary which turned out to be a good move as he was part of the 22-game winning streak and the team winning 100 games and making the postseason.

Donaldson is due $4 million of his $23 million salary through the rest of the season, it’s unclear how much of that Cleveland has to pay but I have a feeling the Dolans along with minority owner John Sherman approved this deal to do whatever it takes to help the Indians break the near 70-year drought.



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