Cavs in must win situation

On Friday night, the Cavs lost Game 3 against the Pacers.

They’re now down in the series two games to one despite leading 57-40 at the half in Game 3. The Cavs are now in a must win situation heading into Sunday’s Game 4 matchup.

The roster as a whole must step up for the Cavaliers. LeBron James has been the only dominant player this whole series for the Cavs, which would be expected by most.

What many didn’t expect is the rest of the rosters play. Kevin Love has played poorly. Once again we’ve seen Kevin Love to this point take a step back in the postseason, he is coming off an injury, but no excuses. He has to be better!

Love finished the game with 19 points and 6 rebounds in game 3. Which mostly all of his production came in the first half, he only had 3 points and 3 rebounds in the second half. His three points came from a late three pointer with 7 seconds remaining in the game.

The Cavs need Kevin Love to be that second scoring option and he’s failed to be that guy through the first three games of the series.

Jordan Clarkson has been nonexistent through the first three games of the series and he’s arguably the second best scorer while creating his shot on the entire team.

Clarkson is (4-14) from the field and (0-4) from three point range. Shooting the ball just 28%. It’s a big game for Clarkson on Sunday. They need him to be highly productive off the bench and to be the reliable scoring option that he has shown them to be after he was traded to Cleveland at the deadline.

Moving onto Jeff Green. Tyronn Lue must cut his minutes. Cedi Osman and Trisian Thompson both deserve minutes, and Jeff Green isn’t playing well on the court.

Green is just 3/16 from the field through three games of the series and he’s yet to realize he’s not a three point shooter as he’s taken 9 three’s of his 16 total shot attempts. Shooting the ball roughly at not even 19%. How do you continuously give guys minutes playing that poorly?

Tyronn Lue must utilize the minutes to players who are impacting the game. Jeff Green is doing nothing to help the Cavs in this series.

The whole supporting cast must step up and help LeBron James if they want to win this series. JR Smith needs to shoot the ball better, Kevin Love needs to become the second scoring option and dominate the game as we’ve seen him do in the regular season, and lastly Rodney Hood needs to find confidence in his shot. The body language of this team hasn’t been good and it must change in order to defeat this Pacers team.

Defensive intensity has been good in the first half, and as a team gets lazy in the second half.

On Sunday, the Cavs must put together four quarters of good basketball on both ends to have a chance to win. Indiana has shown they won’t get nervous and they’ll continue to fight and give effort every possession.

This is the first time the Cavs have had their backs against the wall since LeBron’s return on the road to the finals.

Will they perform well enough to advance to the next round?

It all starts Sunday in a must win game for the Cavs. If they don’t, they’ll be heading back to Cleveland down 3-1 in the series.


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