Dorsey looking to get his own head coach?

The new Browns GM could be looking to make complete changes this offseason


Two national reporters now in the last week have reported that the belief is that Browns general manager John Dorsey will  state his case to owner Jimmy Haslam to hire his own head coach.

As of now and it will be at the end of the season, the case is pretty simple: Hue Jackson’s record 1-28 and potentially could be 1-31 with an 0-16 record this season.

Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio reported this following last Sunday’s overtime loss to Green Bay:

The persistent sense in league circles is that new G.M. John Dorsey, who sat right next to Haslam throughout Sunday’s loss to the Packers, will eventually make the case for making his own hire at head coach. And if the Browns go 0-16, Dorsey’s case may be much more persuasive.

Dorsey is passionate and energetic, and if he has enough chances to communicate his views directly to Haslam, it’s possible that Haslam will change his mind. Really, what would the consequence be if Haslam declares in three weeks that we should ignore what he said about keeping Hue?

It’s not known who Dorsey would hire, if he gets the chance to hire his own coach. But it’s believed that he knows who he’d hire, which is all that really matters at this point.

CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora (I know he doesn’t have the biggest support group among Browns fans) reported Sunday morning that sources told him Dorsey may advise to Haslam to make “significant changes” in the organization.

Dorsey made it clear in remarks this week exactly what he thought of the talent evaluation and development that was going on in the Browns’ former front-office regime, and several execs around the league who know Dorsey well expect him to recommend significant changes to Haslam by next month, if not sooner. The analytics department, headed by former baseball executive Paul DePodesta, could be in for a shakeup.

Jimmy Haslam has only completely blown up the organization once since he bought the team in 2012 and that was in the 2012 season when he forced then team president Mike Holmgren into retirement and fired general manager Tom Heckert and head coach Pat Shurmur.

He promoted Alec Scheiner and Ray Farmer from within to oversee the organization following Joe Banner and Michael Lombardi’s dismissals in February 2014 and forced the two to work with then new head coach Mike Pettine.

They all were gone by the end of the 2015 season and promoted from within once again by naming Sashi Brown the Executive VP of Football Operations and using an analytical approach with an old-school football style head coach Hue Jackson, that led to a 1-27 record and the dismissal of Brown ten days ago.

Now Dorsey is the lead man in the football operations and may want to make some changes and you can’t really blame him. He’s been in football for over 30 years as both a player and executive and knows how the good franchises operate and he’s trying to bring that to Cleveland.

Forcing him to work with a executive like DePodesta and a coach like Jackson that he had no part of bringing them in it’s a formula for success. He should have the opportunity to bring in his own people to work in lockstep with.

I never thought DePodesta was a long term hire when the team brought him in almost two years ago. He’s helped set the team up for a potential successful future with all the draft picks and the enormous amount of cap space that Dorsey can use to bring in some “real players” like he suggested in a radio interview last week.

As for Hue Jackson, he can bury the talent on the roster all he wants but to act like he’s not to blame for the product on the field as well as the record that speaks for itself is completely asinine and he should be held accountable at the end of the season when hopefully he’s relived of his duties.

Unless of course the Cincinnati Bengals come calling. Reports surfaced Sunday from ESPN and the NFL Network that Marvin Lewis will step down as head coach of the Bengals at the end of the season.

It’s been said that Bengals owner Mike Brown has a close relationship with Hue Jackson which is why the two teams nearly completed their first trade ever for AJ McCarron at the deadline. Since Brown hasn’t had to do a coaching search in 15 years, he may want to go with a familiar face to lead the Bengals into the future.

A potential trade could happen with the Bengals getting Jackson as their next head coach and the Browns getting a draft pick in return.

Two names that could immediately enter the Browns head coaching search if Jackson is gone come right from Dorsey’s former employer: the Kansas City Chiefs.

Offensive coordinator Matt Nagy who since taking over the play calling three weeks ago has the Chiefs offense dominating football teams with 87 points and 1,279 total offensive yards in the past three games.

Special teams coach Dave Toub who is a 16 year coaching veteran in the National Football League and was touted by Chiefs head coach Andy Reid as a man who’s ready to be an NFL head coach and has been listed as a potential head coaching candidate this offseason.




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  1. Being a Chiefs fan, I think that Dorsey is a great GM for the Browns. If there is one thing that Dorsey is good at, it is finding talent. And with all the picks that the Browns have, Dorsey will have plenty of opportunity to pick players.
    Keep it up!

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