Expectations for Josh Gordon

The Cleveland Browns are now four days away from seeing Josh Gordon in action in the regular season for the first time in almost three years.

Gordon last played on December 21, 2014.

Since then, he has faced numerous suspensions due to his addiction battle.

After his last suspension, it seemed the new regime in Cleveland was ready to move on as head coach Hue Jackson said he wanted to keep his team away from any distractions.

Hue last week stated he did feel that way, but also told Cleveland media that he is willing to give Josh another chance.

I mean how couldn’t he?

Does he really believe in Josh staying sober? Or does he just pray he stays sober to help his resume out.

Hue is now 1-26 as the HC of the Cleveland Browns.

The clock is ticking. That record is unacceptable anyway that you look at it. Coleman has looked good these last two weeks since his return.

His first back week from his broken hand he had a tough matchup against Jacksonville.

Coleman proceeded to have a very good game against a top defensive backs in this league, in Jalen Ramsey, catching six passes for 80 yards.

Last week Coleman caught three passes for 64 yards but had a key drop in the end zone from a beautiful ball by QB DeShone Kizer.

Josh Gordon is a superstar, Coleman is not. These two paired together, could be special. Hue knows that.

Hue may very well believe in Josh’s sobriety, I sure do. I also believe Hue is saying the right things and just hoping Josh stays sober and plays to help himself out.

With all of that being said, I expect a huge game from Josh Gordon Sunday.

I predict 7 catches for 131 yards and 1 TD.

Josh has maintained great shape through his suspension. I don’t think a superstar has much adjusting to do when it comes to game speed. With his talent, I expect Flash Gordon to adjust quickly and help the Browns wrap up there first victory of the year.

Last time Gordon came back from a suspension came on Novemeber 23, 2014 where he managed to catch 8 balls for 120 yards as the Browns beat the Falcons 26-24.

Expect the same scenario Sunday as the Browns will beat the Chargers 31-24.


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