Week 6 Rapid React: Browns vs Texans

The dumpster fire keeps getting bigger.

The Cleveland Browns (0-6) were flat out embarrassed by Deshaun Watson and the Houston Texans (3-3) by a final score of 33-17.

Watson went 17-29 for 225 yards, 3 touchdowns and an interception while adding 23 yards on the ground against the team that originally had the 12th overall pick before Houston jumped up and drafted him in April’s NFL Draft.

It didn’t help the Browns case that a report from CBS stated that Watson got a text from head coach Hue Jackson the morning of the draft telling him to “be ready”.

Well Watson sure looks ready as he became the first rookie quarterback to throw three touchdowns in three consecutive games.

The Browns woes at the quarterback position continue to haunt this franchise as Kevin Hogan struggled mightly in his first career NFL start.

Hogan finished 20-37 for 140 yards, one touchdown pass and three interceptions. The touchdown pass came late in the game to Seth DeValve where the Texans defense was probably holding back some effort with a comfortable lead.

He got off to an average start until a pass that went above Duke Johnson’s head in a third and short situation was intercepted by Johnathan Joseph and went 82 yards for a pick-six early in the second quarter .

Joseph added another interception just before halftime and Dylan Cole also picked off Hogan in the second quarter.

I would imagine he’ll start again next week against Tennessee but who knows and who cares at this point.

The Cleveland Browns are the worst run organization in sports. It starts at the top with the Haslam family and trickles down to the front office and coaching staff.

I know they have preached patience with this plan but to whiff on moves for the quarterback position time and time again is a major problem.

The only positives I can take away from this loss are Myles Garrett and Jason McCourty.

Garrett generated pressure on Deshaun Watson and picked up his third sack of the season and looks as good as advertised for being the top pick in the draft.

One of those pressures to Watson worked in Jason McCourty’s favor as he picked up his third interception of the season and took it 56 yards for a touchdown.

McCourty has been a great addition to this team and limited DeAndre Hopkins to just 2 catches for 19 yards but unfortunately he gave up a three yard touchdown to him in the third quarter.

Garrett and McCourty are just two of the few positives you can take away from this dumpster fire of a football team that is somehow getting worse when they should be getting better.

The Tennessee Titans come to town next week, another team with a young up and coming quarterback that is on the upswing.

Meanwhile in Cleveland, the ship is sinking fast on the Hue Jackson and Sashi Brown era.




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