3 Keys to Victory and Prediction for the Buckeyes.

The Ohio State Buckeyes (5-1) travel to Nebraska to take on the Nebraska Cornhuskers (3-3) at 7:30 PM Saturday night. 

Here are my keys to victory.

My first key to victory, put early pressure on Tanner Lee. 

The 6’4 220 pound QB has shown the ability to throw deep, through six games he’s thrown over 1400 yards and 11 touchdowns. 

But behind his arm strength, he has also shown he makes questionable decisions under pressure,  which has resulted in ten interceptions. Below I presented an example of a pick six thrown by Tanner.


As you can see, Lee feels the pressure and makes a throw that ends up resulting in six going the other way. The defensive front has proven they’re a top line in the country, they must put pressure on Lee early resulting in bad decisions to shake his confidence.

The second key to victory, stop the deep ball. As I stated above QB Tanner Lee has the arm strength to go deep. 

The guy they need to stop at WR, Stanley Morgan Jr. the 6’1 junior has 30 receptions for 510 yards and has added five touchdowns to his resume through six games, the defensive front of the Buckeyes should be able to pressure Lee early, my guess Lee tries to force the ball to Morgan Jr. corner backs and saftey’s must keep him infront and make plays on the balls to really rattle both Lee and Morgan Jr.

Lastly my third key to victory: JT Barrett. 

Listen Buckeye fans, I know many of you are upset Urban Meyer hasn’t made the change at the position, maybe you believe Haskins gives them a better chance to win? Think again.

Barrett has a 63.8% completion rating, has thrown for over 1500 yards, and has added 16 touchdowns and only one interception, I get it, he lacks accuracy. I see it as well as you do. But he doesn’t put the ball in bad areas. He makes good decisions, and he’s made lots of improvements since the loss to Oklahoma.

 JT isn’t the most gifted runner, but he does create big plays on the ground outside of the pocket, whether it’s creating plays down the field with his legs, or getting out of the pocket to get a much needed first down through the air. He’s the guy you want under center for this buckeye team. With his impressive stats through the air, he has also added 322 yards on the ground for a 5.2 YPC average and three touchdowns. 

As long as JT stays poised and the offensive front keeps him protected, I see much success from him Saturday night.


Ohio State: 48

Nebraska: 10


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