What’s next for DeShone Kizer?

As you know the Cleveland Browns fell to 0-5 this week after another tough loss to the New York Jets.

The Browns gained eight more first downs, and had over 200 more yards of offense than the Jets but unfortunately two redzone turnovers cost them the game. 

DeShone Kizer was in at quarterback for the first half of Sunday’s game, he completed 8/17 passes for 87 yards and one interception. 

Hue Jackson decided to bench Kizer for the second half to give the Browns an opportunity to win and turned to Kevin Hogan.

Hogan completed an impressive 16/19 passes, for 194 yards two touchdowns and one interception. 

After close consideration Hue Jackson has decided to make a change at the position and go with quarterback Kevin Hogan.
So what’s next for DeShone Kizer?

DeShone can now sit back and watch the game from a different angle.

It’s clear Kevin Hogan gives the Browns a better chance to win right now, but I still believe Kizer can be the franchise player at the position. He’s got the perfect size and the arm strength for an AFC North quarterback.

The problems he’s faced thus far is his decision making, and holding onto the ball too long. 

I truly believe that this is the best thing for Kizer, he can watch the things Hogan does to move the offense. It’s clear the offense performs much better with Hogan at quarterback. 

So from seeing the game and studying, I believe we will see Kizer back in action in a couple of weeks.


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