Sashi Brown addresses issues 

Browns football operations executive Sashi Brown met with the media Wednesday afternoon to address some of the issues looming with the 0-4 Cleveland Browns. 

  • Is the team ready to win?: We’re not at end of our build, we’ve certainly made some progress on field.
  • On the 0-4 start: Disappointed but not overreacting, said they can and will play better 
  • Having youngest roster in NFL: We don’t think we’re too young
  • Wide receiver position: always hope to capitalize on opportunities, once again said they can and will play better 
  • Kenny Britt: wouldn’t call him a disappointment but said he knows he can play better and thinks he’ll turn around his performance 
  • Potential rift between front office and coaches: Said everyone is working well together
  • Relationship with Hue Jackson: both were realistic when they started the rebuild that it would be a challenge
  • Jimmy Haslam: He’s legit about the rebuild and committed to building a playoff roster 
  • Passing on players like Deshaun Watson and Malik Hooker: Anytime you trade back, you understand you’ll miss out on players. 

I appreciate that Brown came and addressed it head on because other executives have stayed hidden in the shadows in the past.

He addressed all the real issues going on in the organization however it still doesn’t make things better. 

I know he’s not going to bury the wide receivers publicly but if he honestly feels good about what’s he’s got, then Sashi is no different than Ray Farmer who also undervalued the position and it got him fired.

Brown along with Paul DePodesta, Hue Jackson and everyone in the organization has passed on players that are contributing elsewhere while our rookies are having issues.

That’s not to say those guys like Hooker and Watson wouldn’t be struggling here but it makes you question how they’re evaluating talent in the draft. 

It goes back to last year’s draft too where they passed on players to stockpile draft picks. 

I’m not ready to bury this regime but things need to get better in terms of adding talent. Next offseason, they’ll have 13 draft picks and over $100 million dollars in cap space.

They’ve laid a foundation down with these last two drafts and now it’s time to fill up the holes on the roster with the upcoming assets in front of them to make the Browns a contender or this regime will be gone after the 2018 season.

That is if the Haslams let them get that far. 


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