How long can Haslam stay patient? 


That’s the Browns record under the latest regime of VP of Football Operations Sashi Brown and head coach Hue Jackson. 

The frustration is starting to boil among Browns fans and some of the local media members because the team was starting to improve but after Sunday’s 31-7 blowout loss to Cincinnati, it looks like and Jackson even admitted that the team has regressed.

That’s very troubling to hear the head coach say the team has taken a step backwards when they should be going forward in this rebuilding stage of the franchise. 

Last year’s 1-15 season was tough on everyone but it was expected when the front office tore the roster down to the foundation while they were stockpiling draft picks and adding very young talent which has resulted in the youngest roster in the NFL. 

This year, they added talent on both sides of the ball and it was expected that they’d be better and competing to win games. 

The season opener against Pittsburgh, they lost by 3 and if it wasn’t for a blocked punt on the opening drive, the Browns likely would’ve won that game. 

The games against Baltimore and Indianapolis looked close in score but in reality, Cleveland never had a chance to win those games because of turnovers and mistakes that killed any potential momentum. 

Then there’s yesterday where a perfect throw by DeShone Kizer goes off the hands of Kenny Britt and intercepted by Cincinnati killed all hope for the Browns and the Bengals just stepped on their throats. 

The blame for this start can go all around this organization. 

It starts right with Sashi Brown, he’s the man building this roster and you can see the glaring holes all over specifically at wide receiver and cornerback as positions where we have resources to add talent to those spots and he’s failing to do so. 

People will criticize for letting Terrelle Pryor walk in free agency and cutting Joe Haden, if those guys start contributing for their new teams then it’ll be fair to criticize but they look like JAGs (Just Another Guy) right now so the decision to not keep them looks smart at the moment. 

Hue Jackson deserves some fair criticism right now. 

It looked like the team wasn’t ready to play again with continuous penalties and not putting his offense in the best position to win.

His failure to run the ball early in games to help his rookie quarterback settle in and feel comfortable has been a bad look and something needs to change. I’m not saying he needs to add an offensive coordinator but he needs to change his game plan. 

Gregg Williams was touted as the team’s best addition in the offseason but he has been the biggest regress as the season has gone week by week. 

After giving up one touchdown in the entire preseason, his defensive unit has given up 26.8 points per game in the first four games. On 13 red zones possessions, the Browns defense has given up 11 touchdowns already this season.  

We can give him the benefit of the doubt because three of his starters were injured on Sunday in Myles Garrett, Jamie Collins and Danny Shelton but he needs to get the rest of players ready and in the best position to succeed. 

Collins has missed the last two games with a concussion and Garrett hasn’t even seen the field yet in the regular season as he recovers from a high ankle sprain. 

I just have to wonder what owner Jimmy Haslam has to be thinking. We all know of his impatience towards the losing because he hates it just as much as the fans do. 

That’s probably why he’s fired three head coaches and four front office executives since taking over in 2012. 

He has stated that 2018 was the year to expect the team to really compete but you have to wonder if the losing continues, is he going to stay patient with this current group.

There was a report on Sunday that he held a conference call with the front office to discuss the plan and if they were committed to building a winning roster after Hue Jackson took a semi-shot at them last week. 

If the Browns don’t win next week against the New York Jets, I could see the wheels starting to completely fall off and some sort of change coming within the organization. 

I didn’t expect things to get worse than last season but the way things are heading, it looks like I was wrong. 


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