Kenny Britt’s struggles should be a concern

Browns wide receiver Kenny Britt hasn’t got off to the best start to the 2017 season.

I know it’s only been one game but if you go back to the beginning of training camp, the veteran hasn’t exactly wowed anyone as the team’s top receiver on the depth chart. 

He only had three catches for 25 yards during the preseason and killed a solid drive against Tampa with a drop on a third down pass by DeShone Kizer.

Last Sunday in the opener against Pittsburgh on a second down and long situation, Kizer found Britt wide open in the middle of the field and he dropped another catch that could’ve sparked some momentum for the offense. 

A reporter asked head coach Hue Jackson what Britt’s status was with the starting offense, Jackson said “Let’s see how things go this week.”

Britt turned to social media to respond 

Reporters went to Britt on Wednesday asking him about the dropped pass. Britt with his back turned to the media said he moved on and the media should to, “Hall of Famers dropped passes too.”

Well, Kenny Britt isn’t a Hall of Fame player and he’s never going to be one. 

He’s been an average wide receiver during his eight year career with just getting his first 1,000 yard season last year with the Los Angeles Rams.

I think with the Terrelle Pryor situation, the Cleveland Browns panicked and threw $32.5 million at Britt to ensure that they had a veteran receiver in the fold.

So far the investment looks bad but it’s only been one week and things can turn positive as the season progresses. 

However, Ian Wharton of Bleacher Report tweeted back in March why the Rams let Britt walk in free agency and this could be a very troubling sign for the Browns.

The way he represented himself to the media on Wednesday and Ben Axelrod tweeted this out on Wednesday reminds me of when Ben Tate was here in 2014. 

Tate got overshadowed and out performed by younger backs and vented his frustration and was ultimately released. 

If Britt’s attitude as well as his performance continues to sour, the team will need to find a way to get him out of here. 

They have enough cap space to eat his contract which will only take a significant cap hit through next season as the guaranteed $17 million will be paid in full. 

It may be an overreaction from myself and others but if the organization is trying to build a good culture, they don’t need guys like Kenny Britt in the fold. 


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