Josh Gordon closing in on reinstatement?

A month ago, I reported that the Browns expect wide receiver Josh Gordon to be reinstated.

On Tuesday, a little more clarity to when he will be able to play for the Cleveland Browns or any NFL team was made by someone close to the former All-Pro.

Former Olympic gold medalist Tim Montgomery who has been working with Gordon talked to Mary Kay Cabot of about Gordon and dropped some details about him.

Montgomery told that Gordon has been in rehab since he checked in on June 20 and will be released on September 21 as part of a 90 day rehab.

As I also reported last month, Gordon at the time was two months sober and was taking it “very serious”.

Montgomery runs a training facility in Florida for athletes who have had troubled times in their lives. He knows all too well about that as he was stripped of his medals and records for using performance enhancing drugs and also did jail time for selling heroin.

Montgomery also told Cabot that he believes Gordon will be reinstated once he’s out of rehab. He was denied reinstatement in May but the league stated to him he could re-apply in the fall. 

I did find one quote very interesting, yet disturbing in the article by Cabot from Montgomery:

“Josh feels like he’s been let down by the people closest to him,” said Montgomery. “Where Josh comes from, marijuana is considered like a cigarette. That’s just his mentality. Josh has been tossed around. He goes to college and he gets kicked out. Then he goes to the NFL and he gets kicked out. Josh feels like he’s been punished repeatedly for something everyone else is doing.”

That to me still seems like Gordon although he’s trying to kick his bad habits still isn’t holding himself accountable for his actions. 

No one at least to my knowledge can force someone to smoke marijuana or take drugs or drink alcohol.

Can they peer pressure you? Absolutely, but you ultimately make that decision to do those activities. 

If Gordon can’t look in the mirror and hold himself accountable then if I’m in the Cleveland Browns organization, I can’t trust him the moment he’s reinstated and back in that facility because he’d be unreliable in my eyes.

I do know that the Browns still aren’t sure what they’re going to do with Gordon but I wouldn’t be surprised if they try once again to trade him and then ultimately release him because I don’t believe he can be depended upon as he shouldn’t given his history. 



  1. I think you’re highly misinformed as are the rest of the NFL and sports media.

    Patent 6,630,507 ‘Cannabinoids as Anti-Oxidants and Neuroprotectants” held by the United States of America Department of Health, since 2003, states that “THC is another of the cannabinoids that has been shown to be neuroprotective in cell cultures…”

    So the U.S government holds a patent that says THC is neuroprotective yet they have federal laws that say cannabis has no medical value. Blatant contradiction completely ignored by all media, similar to the NFL’s repeated contradictions of not having a problem destroying players internal organs from prescription drugs but suspending them when they choose to ingest cannabis which does the opposite. There are hundreds of research papers and studies showing cannabis to be the safest and most medically valuable plant on the planet. But I’m guessing you didn’t know about that did you? I wrote an article about it 4 years ago. Stop hating on Josh Gordon because you’re willfully ignorant. Do some research.


    • I have no problem with him smoking marijuana but I have a problem with him not understanding it’s a banned substance in the league as of now.

      Josh is a immature person who can’t hold himself accountable and follow the rules.


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