The saga continues for the Cavaliers

The trade we all thought was done isn’t exactly done.

Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reported late Friday night that the Cleveland Cavaliers are looking at options after performing point guard Isaiah Thomas’ physical.

Thomas was acquired in the blockbuster trade for Kyrie Irving on Tuesday but this deal could potentially be voided based on the condition of the hip injury Thomas has.

He suffered the injury during last year’s regular season and re-aggravated it during the Eastern Conference Finals against Cleveland which ended his season.

Thomas didn’t acquire surgery but there was still concerns about whether or not he’d be ready for the regular season.

And when Danny Ainge made a comment during the conference call with the media Tuesday night, it really made you question whether this trade could be legal.

Since the trade has been completed, none of the people involved in the trade have commented on it which made people believe that the injury and the pending physical was holding this up from being 100% official.

If there’s anything from the results of the physical that would deem Thomas will be out for an extended period of time, the Cavaliers can void the deal but the growing sense is that Boston could add more for the Cavaliers’ return package for Kyrie Irving to accommodate all parties involved.

More than likely it would be another draft pick as additional compensation. The Celtics own the rights to six first round picks over the next two drafts, something the Cavaliers would covet as they are low on assets.

Picking up something like the 2018 Lakers, 2019 76ers or Kings pick or even the 2020 Grizzlies pick would be a coveted asset to Cleveland who could then flip that in a trade for a superstar like DeMarcus Cousins, Marc Gasol or even Carmelo Anthony which the team has pursued all summer.

If Boston wouldn’t give up another pick, the Cavaliers could void the trade completely and start the process of dealing Irving again. Irving made it clear to the team according to ESPN that he doesn’t want to be apart of the Cavaliers even at the beginning of training camp.

I would expect something gets done quick whether from Boston or if another team steps up to avoid anymore controversy and drama for what’s already been an eventful summer for the Cleveland Cavaliers.



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