Browns Camp News & Notes (8-14-17)

The Cleveland Browns just wrapped up another day of training camp, here’s some news and notes coming out from the day 

Kizer and Peppers shine

The two biggest names from today’s session was rookie quarterback DeShone Kizer and rookie safety Jabrill Peppers.

Kizer continued to build momentum off his preseason performance against the Saints with a strong practice on Monday.

One reporter said the Notre Dame product looked much sharper than he did on Sunday as he  hit three consecutive passes to tight ends Seth DeValve and David Njoku as well as wide receiver Rannell Hall.

Then on the final play of practice facing a 4th and 15 situation, Kizer much like he did last Thursday connected on a deep pass, a 57 yard bomb to DeValve for a touchdown. 

With Brock Osweiler struggling, Kizer is giving the coaches a last chance to maybe make a change at quarterback before the team’s second preseason game next Monday against the Giants. Head coach Hue Jackson is expected to announce the starter on Tuesday or Wednesday.

As for Peppers, this may have been his best day of camp at the safety position.

Early in the session, Kizer hit Hall for an 18 yard pass. Peppers allegedly blasted Hall on a tackle that some in the media said was the hardest hit they’ve seen in training camp.

Then in three straight plays later in the session, Peppers preceded to make two pass breakups and an interception. 

The rookie class continues to look great early on which is hopefully a step in the right direction for the future of the Cleveland Browns. 

Jackson praises team for physicality

The last two practices have been very physical and Coach Jackson praised the team for “not backing down.”

It seems as if the coaching staff issued a challenge to the team to see if they would get after it and I believe the team has.

This team I think fully believes in what the coaches are preaching and teaching to them and that’s a great sign moving forward. Last year was a test and despite going 1-15, this team never quit like they did on previous coaches and they believe in the plan for the future of the organization. 

Jackson on the national anthem protests

Colin Kaepernick caused a media firestorm last year by kneeling during the national anthem, it could be why no NFL team has signed him as of now. 

This past weekend, Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch and Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett chose to sit on the bench during the national anthem.

When asked by reporters about the protests, Jackson had this to say: 

“Everybody has a right, but the national anthem means a lot to me and our organization. I hope that won’t happen here.”

Running Laps

After 12 penalties against the Saints, Hue Jackson decided to put his foot down and hold players accountable for their mistakes.

If a player makes a penalty, he’s been making them run a lap much like Eric Mangini when he was head coach from 2009-2010.

The players so far that have had to run laps 

  • Tight ends David Njoku and Seth DeValve
  • Offensive lineman Cam Erving and Joel Bitonio

Defensive end Myles Garrett jumped offsides over the weekend during a rep and was taken off the field for a play. 

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