Kyrie Irving requests trade from Cavaliers 

Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving reportedly told the organization in a team meeting last week that he’d like to be traded.

This was first reported by Brian Windhorst of ESPN who had some interesting notes to go along with this report. Irving would like to go to another team where he’s the main guy and that he would no longer like to play alongside Lebron James who has been a teammate of Irving since 2014 and won an NBA championship together in 2016.

James according to Windhorst was “blindsided” and “disappointed” to hear that Irving wants out. 

Windhorst also added that Irving almost requested a trade after the team won the NBA championship but ultimately decided not to. 

The four time All-Star and former All-Star Game MVP averaged a career high 25.2 points and 5.8 assists per game for the Eastern Conference champions. In the postseason he averaged 25.9 points and 5.3 assists per game. 

Through his six years in the NBA, he’s averaged 21.6 points and 5.5 assists per game but has also missed at least 7 games per season due to injuries. 

This news makes the Cavs offseason even more crazier than it’s been. 

From not having an official general manager to missing out on acquiring All-Stars like Paul George and Jimmy Butler to the seems like daily rumors about where Lebron will end up next summer to now your second best player is forcing his way out. 

If Kyrie wants to leave, then I say let him leave. It seems like he can’t handle the fact that he’s not the best player or the most popular player on the Cavaliers.

He did make the biggest play in the history of Cleveland sports that broke the championship drought but he’s still not going to be more popular than Lebron James and that’s a fact. 

The Cavaliers should be able to net a large return for Kyrie Irving in a trade if they abide to his request. 

ESPN reported that Irving gave the Cavaliers four teams he’d like to go to: the San Antonio Spurs, the Minnesota Timberwolves, the Miami Heat and the New York Knicks.

He doesn’t have a no-trade clause so the Cavaliers don’t have to trade Irving to any of those teams. I’m sure they’ll be a bidding war for his services though and the Cavaliers should take the best package they can get in return.

Out of those teams, I’d try to make a Carmelo Anthony/Kristaps Porzingis for Irving trade although the Knicks have reportedly said they won’t trade Porzingis but would surrender Anthony and future first round picks for Irving.

They should be able to land an All-Star player or a package of a few role players and draft picks that can help make an impact alongside Lebron James and Kevin Love.

His contract is also going to be a plus for teams potentially looking to make a trade for Irving. He has at least two years left worth $38 million before he can opt out in 2019. 

If he is traded, he’s giving the option to potentially make the “Super Max” contract like the one Steph Curry just signed with Golden State that was worth $201 million.

This report also makes sense to what Adrian Wojnarowski reported on SportsCenter that the team promised free agent Derrick Rose a starting role on the team if he decides to sign here. 

Should be a very interesting summer, even more after this stunning news.


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