Browns waive Tyvis Powell

The Cleveland Browns have been riding a huge wave of positivity this offseason that it felt like there wouldn’t be any bad news coming.

Then you realize it’s the Cleveland Browns and of course something will happen that’ll give them a potential bad look.

It came on Friday afternoon.

Just three hours prior 

The Browns told media reporters that they weren’t aware that Powell was even participating in the first pitch. Powell, a Northeast Ohio native who attended Bedford High a school and Ohio State is still expected to throw the first pitch tonight.

I believe the Browns when they say they didn’t know. If they did know, I’m sure they wouldn’t have released him because that’s just complete embarrassment to Powell and his family. They likely would’ve waited a few days or a week to make the roster move.

There’s also people out there complaining that the Browns don’t like Ohio State players and don’t want them on the roster.

Let’s get real people and no offense to Tyvis Powell, he’s not an elite talent like a Joey Bosa or an Ezekiel Elliott, he’s JAG (Just Another Guy) on an NFL roster who got cut today. 

If he went to any other school, no one would make a complaint despite the fact he’s a local guy. 

Powell has been here since February and I’m trusting Hue Jackson and Gregg Williams in that if he’s not showing that he’s leaps and bounds ahead of the other safeties, then there’s no reason to keep him around. 

The fact that Ed Reynolds is currently the projected starter at free safety leaves me concerned as we get closer towards the season but I think the defensive coaches especially Williams know what they’re doing.

Maybe the team needed an open roster spot to go sign or acquire a wide receiver like Jeremy Maclin or Eric Decker. Or maybe they could be potentially looking at bringing in Colin Kaepernick to add more competition to the quarterback room. 

I’m sure Powell was cut for a reason and despite the pure coincidence of his appearance at the Indians, it’s a business and these things happen.

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