Alleged battery case against Caleb Brantley dismissed

Cleveland Browns defensive rookie Caleb Brantley’s battery case was dismissed according to court records in Alachua County in Florida. 

They said “insufficient evidence to sustain a conviction” was their reasoning to dismiss the potential charge.

In April, Brantley was accused of hitting a woman and knocking her unconscious during a dispute in a Florida bar. 

Brantley stood firm during the last month, declaring his innocence and that the facts  would clear his name. 

The Browns took a chance on Brantley in the sixth round of the NFL Draft but also said after the selection they could rescind his rights because they were still collecting information on the incident.

Brantley took a big hit because before the incident he was a projected late first to third round pick. The lies the woman told police cost him millions and as well as a large signing bonus. 

He attended rookie mini camp last weekend and now that he is cleared, the Browns can get his contract done. 

The talent is there but there’s been questions about his motor and his desire to play football at a high level. He took plays off at Florida and under Gregg Williams, he won’t be as lucky in that scenario.

If he can prove critics wrong, he’ll be a underrated draft pick by the Browns. If he stays the same way he was at Florida, he won’t make it past the end of preseason. 

Brantley is a low risk, high reward option for the Browns and now we can see what he’s worth now that the dark cloud has faded over his head. 


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