Browns deciding between Myles and Mitchell? 

We have another rumor Browns fans.

This time, it comes from the top NFL insider, ESPN’s Adam Schefter. 

I know it’s silly season but when Schefter reports, he doesn’t speculate like others would and throw stuff out there to see if sticks.

This is another rumor that doesn’t really surprise me. I think Myles Garrett is the best player in this draft and the consensus top pick in the draft.

However, Mitchell Trubisky is the top quarterback in the draft by many draft analysts and I believe is the quarterback target by Browns head coach Hue Jackson.

I can understand how this is a difficult decision and maybe this is something the team is debating right now. You can have all the pass rushers in the world but if you don’t have a quarterback, your team will go nowhere.

I believe the Browns can come away with both players. They can take Myles Garrett with the first overall pick and have enough ammo to move up from the 12th overall pick to go get Trubisky if he is the quarterback they desire. 

If I was Sashi Brown, I’d be on the phone right now with San Francisco 49ers to find out what it would take to get them to trade the second overall pick. 

It’s not like the Browns don’t have enough draft picks. Three first round picks and five second round picks in the next two drafts combined as well as multiple picks in the fourth and fifth round this year. 

Chad Forbes who reported Monday night that the Browns were talking to teams about moving up from 33 for a QB tweeted this after the Schefter report:

If the Browns were to come away with Myles Garrett and Mitchell Trubisky, it would be a giant step in the right direction towards getting the organization back into contention. 



  1. I do not think any fan would be upset with trading a few picks to move up and grab both. As much as I like Trubisky, Garret cannot be passed up.


  2. I am also thinking it is a smokescreen in some ways as well. I just don’t think they will trade up for Trubisky since he really isn’t that high of a grade player wise. If he is there at 12 then they will get him, but if not I think they will trade down from 12 for more picks.

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