Browns fans, calm down about Myles Garrett 

The consensus top NFL prospect, Myles Garrett has sent Browns fans into an uproar over the last few months.

Back in December, the pass rusher out of Texas A&M made this statement about potentially playing in a cold weather city like Cleveland in the NFL: 

Of course at the time, some Browns fans overreacted and were angry and started the campaign to not want him with the number overall selection in the draft.

Now, the campaign is in full force.

Friday night, a video surfaced of Garrett begging the Dallas Cowboys and owner Jerry Jones to trade up in the draft to select him, even laying out details on said trade:

And of course, some fans and local media took to Twitter to react:

And there was also the fans and media who made common sense out of it:

So it’s okay for an Ohio kid to say he’d love to play for the Browns but it’s wrong for a kid from Texas to beg the Cowboys to draft him so he can play for them?

I have no problem with what Myles Garrett did, any draft prospect would love to play for their hometown team like North Carolina QB Mitch Trubisky has done in the past, stating he’d love to play for the Cleveland Browns. I also think he along with other draft prospects know of the opportunity and privilege at hand to play in the National Football League and will go wherever they are selected.

Garrett also talked to a reporter Thursday night about the opportunity to play for the Cleveland Browns:

Until Garrett pulls an Eli Manning/John Elway situation and says he won’t play for the Cleveland Browns, I believe he’ll be the number one pick for the organization in April’s NFL draft.

For those that don’t know, in 1983 John Elway refused to play for the then Baltimore Colts despite the team making him the number one pick. Elway held out until the Colts finally traded him to the Denver Broncos.

Again in 2004, Eli Manning refused to play for the San Diego Chargers and they still selected him with the top pick. Later on in the draft, the New York Giants drafted Phillip Rivers and the teams swapped players and draft picks from the Giants.

If that situation once again unfolds with Myles Garrett, then maybe the team starts shopping the number one pick to the highest bidder and load up on more draft ammunition for this year and the future. I think it’s unlikely it’ll happen but anything can happen.

Myles Garrett is the best player in the draft and I hope the Browns don’t pass up on his talent because some of the fan base got their feelings hurt by things Garrett said. He’s a talent we don’t have and really need on our defense and will make the team better instantly. 

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