Browns press conference recap 

Head coach Hue Jackson, Executive Vice President of Football Operations Sashi Brown and Chief Strategy Officer Paul DePodesta met with reporters Monday afternoon to recap the season and looking towards the future of the organization.

The trio didn’t hold back on any questions asked and was very open and honest when discussing the moves they made and how it resulted in the 1-15 record.

They also were frank on the QB position, the draft as well as what to expect from the team in free agency. They also addressed the rumors from national reporters about the addition of another “football guy” into the front office.

And Coach Jackson made a vow towards the future with a proposition used by some local media last year

In regards to the quarterback position, Sashi Brown took a jab at ESPN Cleveland’s Tony Grossi

And DePodesta also took a jab at 92.3 The Fan’s Daryl Ruiter in regards to Ruiter asking Hue Jackson baseball questions earlier in the season.

I think the regime was completely honest about what went wrong in the season but I like that they have no regrets in their plan so far and won’t cater to what the media or the fans would’ve done. 

People tend to forget and owner Jimmy Haslam reiterated on Sunday following the loss to Pittsburgh. This rebuild is going to take years to fix, there’s no overnight success when you’re a really bad football team unless you have a potential franchise quarterback which isn’t on the roster yet. 

I understand that drafting Ezekiel Elliott or Carson Wentz or Joey Bosa would’ve made this team better. There’s 53 players on the roster to make a football team and if you add one of those guys to this team, it’s still a bad football team.

They did and will continue to do what they think is best for the organization. If it doesn’t work, Haslam will fire them all and attempt to find the best people he thinks will turn this organization around. Give Brown, DePodesta and Jackson a chance to build their team. People haven’t liked some or all of their decisions so far including myself but it’s going to take time.

As for the media and more specifically Mr. Grossi and Mr. Ruiter, the way you got treated by the organization is exactly what you two deserve. Every time you have a chance to speak on the radio or television, you bash the organization. 

I know that the Browns don’t need any recognition for their accomplishments because they haven’t accomplished anything. But you both sit there and talk and write about the organization with such hatred and disgust and try to be the voice for the fans. Myself and other fans don’t need you being our voice. Then you two whine and complain when national writers get the scoops on breaking news or get exclusive stories before the locals.

You really think the organization is going to work with you two?

You both got a nice dose of your own medicine today and it’s about damn time.

But I’m sure tomorrow you’re going to be bashing them again on your respective websites and radio stations. 

Hope you both get to see this despite the fact I’m blocked by you both on social media.


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